cSAR3D Left Head

cSAR3D Left Head


cSAR3D Head is ideal for conducting high-precision SAR measurements of devices operated at the ear as required by IEC62209-1, IEEE 1528, FCC OET65, etc. The cSAR3D Head shape corresponds to the SAM head. cSAR3D performs fast (0.3 s) and repeatable (< 0.1 dB) measurements.

cSAR3D has been found by an independent laboratory to pass the strict validation requirements of IEC Draft 62209-3. A report of the validation results is available on request.

Frequency Range

650 MHz – 6 GHz (300 - 650 MHz extension validation available)

Active Measurement Area

240 mm × 120 mm

Dynamic Range (CW)

> 100 W/kg

Measurement Time

0.3 second (acquisition, post-processing, and display)

Tissue Simulating Material

  • Broadband Head Simulating Medium
  • Conformance with target dielectric parameters defined in international standards: within ±10% across frequency range
  • Very stable over time (at least 5 years): no replacement or adjustment required

Phantom Shell

  • Relative Permittivity: < 5, loss tangent: < 0.05 (compliant with IEC 62209 and IEEE 1528)
  • Thickness: 2.0 ± 0.2 mm; ear thickness as per IEC 62209 and IEEE 1528

Probe Isotropy

< 0.2 dB

Uncertainty (95% CI)

< 30% (k = 2) for nearly all test conditions at frequencies between 650 MHz and 6 GHz. Actual uncertainty computed on the fly for each measurement.


< 0.1 dB


17 kg (38 lb)

Total Size (L × W × H)

360 mm × 360 mm × 180 mm

360 mm × 500 mm × 920 mm, including CAMO


POWERSOURCE1 Portable and stable signal generator
CAMO (Camera Module) - Overlay a picture of the device under test (DUT) on the SAR patterns (not in standard package)
MAIA - Determines the signal parameters for applying the optimal calibration parameters
ANT - Broadband antenna for optimal connection to a base station emulator
Masks - Provide defined positions of the device on the head phantoms
Verification System - Set of standard sources for regular check of cSAR3D performance
Validation System - Set of sources for independent verification of uncertainty budget (not in standard package)


cSAR3D calibration is accredited by the Swiss Accreditation Service to ISO/IEC 17025 in our dedicated laboratory.

Calibration according to the novel Sensor Model Calibration Method is available.

Recommended calibration interval: 1 year