Jun 11, 2024

cSAR3D V5.8: New Features, Enhancements, and Automation for Efficient Wireless Device Testing

Our latest cSAR3D release addresses many user requests and brings routine and complex test sequences into the user’s control.

SPEAG has not only developed the fastest, most accurate, and most advanced vector-based measurement system for specific absorption rate (SAR) testing but also the most versatile and powerful tools for automated evaluations. The latest release, cSAR3D V5.8, brings several important enhancements that further simplify and streamline testing. These upgrades have been driven by user feedback and the evolving demands of wireless technology testing.


Streamlined User Experience

cSAR3D V5.8 includes several features aimed at improving the user experience:

  • Project File Compression: Significantly reduces the size of the cSAR3D project file and saves time, especially when storing measurements on slow network drives;
  • Improved Navigation: Streamlined project navigation using keyboard arrow keys for a more intuitive user experience;
  • Automatic Update Notifications: Ensures that users stay up-to-date with the latest features and improvements through in-software notifications;
  • Optimized Result Displays: Enhanced display of peak spatial-averaged SAR over 1g and 10 g of tissue (psSAR1g, psSAR10g), and peak spatial-averaged APD over 4 cm2 area (psAPD4cm2), optimized for various screen resolutions and text scaling, resolving issues encountered in previous versions.

Automation with cSAR3D API V2

SPEAG also invested in a robust, operating system-independent application programming interface, cSAR3D API V2, that uses HTTP requests. This representational state transfer (REST)-like interface allows users to set up complex test sequences outside of the cSAR3D graphical user interface (GUI) using just a few lines of code. cSAR3D API V2 is separately licensed and enables automation of test sequencies. SPEAG is committed to continuously developing the API based on customer feedback and testing needs. Please note that cSAR3D API V1 is discontinued.

Expanding Measurement Potential

With cSAR3D API V2 users can extend the measurement capabilities of cSAR3D far beyond the features within the GUI, enabling:

  • test reduction procedures;
  • production line testing;
  • post-market surveillance;
  • and much more.

The latest version, cSAR3D V5.8, incorporates time-average SAR (TAS) measurements into API V2. This feature enables rapid and continuous SAR tests (three full 3D SAR measurements per second) to determine the average exposure over any averaging window. This is particularly useful for evaluating dynamic power control, transmit diversity, and other exposure control features of modern wireless devices.



Getting Started with API V2

To get you started, we have bundled a Jupyter-notebook-based tutorial of API V2 with the cSAR3D installer that includes sample code to perform different types of measurements and measurement sequences. These feature single, X10 Combiner, and TAS measurements.

With these advancements, SPEAG continues to lead the way in SAR testing technology, providing innovative solutions to meet the evolving demands of the wireless device industry.

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