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DASY8 Module SAR is composed of hardware and software components optimized for demonstration of compliance with local and whole-body specific absorption rate (SAR) limits from 4 MHz to 10 GHz and the absorbed power density (APD) from 6 GHz to 10 GHz in full accordance with all national and international standards and regulations. Due to its reliability and proven accuracy, it is considered the gold standard in compliance testing.

DASY8 Module APD will extend the absorbed power density measurement range up to 45 GHz.


DASY8 Module SAR is composed of an isotropic dosimetric probe (SAR) mounted to the precision robot TX2 allowing to scan the field inside anthropomorphic phantoms filled with tissue-simulating liquids. The probes are miniaturized, sensitive, isotopic, linear, stable, and calibrated with precise boundary compensation. The spatial precision of positioning the probe inside the phantom is better than 0.2 mm. The scanning is optimized and adaptive to the induced field. The peak spatial SAR is determined without reconstruction.

The intuitive graphical user interface has been designed to follow the workflow described in SAR compliance standards, from generating the project file to reporting the measurements. Base station simulators are integrated allowing automated testing.

An advanced application programming interface (API) allows for development of customized testing strategies.

Applications SAR compliance testing of any wireless devices
Basic Components

The basic components of DASY8 Module SAR are:

Probes EX3DVx – Smallest isotropic dosimetric probe for high precision SAR measurements in any exposure scenario (e.g., very strong gradient fields); the only probe that enables compliance testing for frequencies up to 10 GHz with a precision of better than 30%
  • Frequency range: 4 MHz – 10 GHz
  • Dynamic range: 0.01 W/kg – >100 W/kg
  • Tip diameter: 2.5 mm
  • Scanning distance: ≥1.4 mm
ES3DVx – General isotropic dosimetric probe for precision SAR measurements
  • Frequency range: 4 MHz – 4 GHz
  • Dynamic range: 0.01 W/kg – >100 W/kg
  • Tip diameter: 3.9 mm
  • Scanning distance: ≥3.0 mm

DASY8 Module SAR is fully compatible with the following SAR phantoms:

Tissue Simulating Liquids DASY8 Module SAR / APD is also compatible with SPEAG's tissue simulating liquids:

MAIA – (Modulation and Audio Interference Analyzer) – Modulation analysis interface to validate the communication settings of the wireless device signal; enables the determination of the linearization parameters

ANT – Ultra-wideband omnidirectional antenna (695 – 6000 MHz) that connects to base station simulators for automated call handling of the wireless device

POWERSOURCE1 – USB powered radiofrequency (RF) source optimized to feed continuous wave (CW) signals to system check sources

System Check / Verification

SPEAG offers a variety of verification sources to be used for system check prior to SAR testing of unknown devices.

Confined Loop Antennas (CLA) for frequencies from 6 MHz up to 220 MHz:

  • CLA-6
  • CLA-13
  • CLA-30
  • CLA-64
  • CLA-128
  • CLA-150
  • CLA-220

Dipoles for frequencies from 300 MHz up to 10 GHz:

  • D300V2
  • D300V3
  • D400V3
  • D450V3
  • D600V3
  • D750V3
  • D835V2
  • D850V2
  • D900V2
  • D1300V2
  • D1450V2
  • D1500V2
  • D1640V2
  • D1750V2
  • D1800V2
  • D1900V2
  • D1950V3
  • D2000V2
  • D2100V2
  • D2300V2
  • D2450V2
  • D2550V2
  • D2600V2
  • D3000V2
  • D3300V2
  • D3500V2
  • D3700V2
  • D3900V2
  • D4200V2
  • D4600V2
  • D4900V2
  • D5GHzV2
  • D6.5GHzV2
  • D7GHzV2
  • D8GHzV2
  • D9GHzV2
Base Station Simulators

DASY8 Module SAR inherently supports base-station simulators. The following base-station simulators are currently integrated:

Other simulators and EUT firmware interfaces are user-programmable via an advanced Python interface. The base-station simulators are connected via ANT, and the selected linearization parameters are verified via MAIA.

The DASY8 Module SAR software  is optimized for accelerated SAR compliance testing, offering the highest possible precision for dosimetric evaluations. Acceleration is realized with:

  • Intelligent and optimized selection of testing points with speed-maximized robot movements
  • Integrated system check and validation modules
  • Communication system calibration and verification performed with sensor model calibration (SMC) probes and MAIA
  • Automated call handling with base-station simulators
  • A Smart Zoom Scan that adjusts the grid resolution on the fly to meet the IEC 62209-2 AMD1:2019 criteria
The API feature, available as an additional licensed option, enables full automation of the SAR compliance workflow.
API (licensed)

The API Option enables the further automation of SAR compliance measurement workflows via HTTP commands. Typical use cases are:

  • Automation of test reduction procedures (i.e., decision whether the next measurement is performed dynamically)
  • Integration of third-party tools as BSS, test software, DUT positioner, etc.
The API Option is compatible with any programming language supporting HTTP requests. It is available as a licensed option.
Calibration DASY8 supports the novel Sensor Model Calibration (SMC) method, Probe Modulation Response (PMR) calibration, and standard linearization for calibration of pulsed signals.
Standard Compatibility

DASY8 Module SAR is compatible with:

  • IEC-IEEE 62209-1528
  • IEC 62209-1, IEC 62209-2, IEC 62209-3
  • IEC PAS 63446 (APD)
  • IEC 62232 (base station antennas)
  • IEEE 1528
  • FCC KDB 865664 and other national regulations
  • ISED SPR-004 (Time Averaged SAR)
  • Health Canada Safety Code 6
  • EN 50385
  • EN 50383:2010 
  • EU Directive RED 2014/53/EU 
  • AS/NZS 2772-2:2016 
  • ARIB STD T-56 3.1
  • IS16133
  • DT-IFT-012-2019
Unique Features  

Smart Zoom Scan

Time-Averaged SAR

Specific Phantoms


The Smart Zoom Scan is a new feature to be used in accordance with IEC 62209-2:2019 Amendment 1 on grid resolution. Measurement repetitions can be very time consuming; the Smart Zoom Scan adjusts the grid steps automatically. The procedure is fully automated and integrated in the measurement workflow as shown in this tutorial video.

DASY8 features automated Time-Averaged SAR measurements for devices that monitor and control the time-averaged transmitted power in real-time over the period defined in the applicable standards. A detailed measurement procedure is described in this application note and tutorial video.

Measurements in Specific Phantoms (SAM Face-Down, SAM Head-Stand, SAM Chin-20 Right/Left, and Wrist Phantom) are available in DASY8 to ease SAR compliance testing of wireless devices not operating around the ear-mouth line area or mounted on the torso. The procedure and validation for measurements in specific phantoms are described in this application note and in this tutorial video.

The API enables quicker, easier, and more reliable measurements via full automation of the measurement workflow






Accelerated SAR testing is achieved with:

  • Intelligent selection of the number of test points
  • Optimized robot movements
  • Integration of base station simulators for automated call handling
  • Automated system performance check / system validation mode

Our extensive validation report is available on request

DASY8 has been optimized to provide additional time saving features coupled with the  enhanced testing efficiency of DASY6, all provided in one solution

Approved by all national regulators; more than 600 systems installed worldwide


cDASY6: Full file compatibility

DASY52, cSAR3D: Measurement file import only

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