Apr 25, 2023

DASY8-3D V1.4 5G & WIFI 6E

Driven by the positive response from industry and regulators to the first DASY83D release, the latest version 1.4 now includes the integration of Anritsu’s MT8000A 5G base station simulator, cSAR3D’s X10 feature that effectively increases sensor resolution to achieve even higher accuracy when measuring the device in touch, and extends the frequency range up to 10 GHz. V1.4 also enhances the user experience and ease of use.

DASY83D V1.4 has been released! Learn about the main new features in this short 7-minute user video:


5G Call box integration

DASY83D V1.4 now features the integration of Anritsu’s MT8000A base station simulator (BSS), the first supported 5G BSS. This significantly simplifies the measurement workflow by enabling automatic 5G call establishment and handovers. The supported configurations will gradually be extended based on user requests.

X10 measurements in the 6–10 GHz range

By integrating cSAR3D's X10 combiner into DASY83D, measurements can now be taken on devices with sharp distributions or higher frequencies (above 6 GHz) that would otherwise be limited by the fixed grid of the vector specific absorption rate (SAR) array system. It combines four separate measurements of the device under test, which corresponds to a doubling of the sensor resolution. This enhancement significantly improves the precision for SAR measurements with very localized distributions.

Enhanced user interface and experience

The new DASY83D is seamlessly integrated with the robot application, enabling micro-adjustments to be made directly in the dedicated graphical user interface inside the teach pendant. This feature saves valuable time, as users can be in close proximity to the robot and micro-adjust the device position with respect to the cSAR3D phantoms more quickly, easily, and accurately than ever before.

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