DASY8 is the most accurate scanning system available today for testing compliance from kHz to >100GHz (meet all standard requirements). 


Advanced 3D SAR system optimized for compliance testing and user guided by expert system (<1s per evaluation)

Fastest (3 measurements per second) and most accurate vector-measurement based array SAR system, fully compatible with IEC 62209-3.


magpy main

SPEAG’s Magnetic Amplitude and Gradient Probe System (MAGPy) is a cutting-edge all-in-one instrument for fast and reliable compliance testing.


Whole body, head & hand phantoms for Over-the-Air (OTA) performance, SAR and MRI evaluations

Whole body, partial body, head, and hand EM phantoms for SAR, over-the-air (OTA) and proximity sensor compliance and devices testing.




3-D FDTD-based full-wave electro-magnetic & thermal simulation software

3-D full-wave electromagnetic and computational life sciences simulation software. Upgrade to the most advanced CLS platform Sim4Life


Precision scanner for near-field EMI/EMC analysis with TDS probe technology and 5G mm-wave power density compliance tests.


Advanced measurement system for dielectric materials in the electronic, chemical, food and medical industries

Advanced measurement system for dielectric materials in the electronic, chemical, food, and medical industries from kHz to 67 GHz.


OH4VNA main

OH4VNA is a bi-directional radiofrequency (RF-) over-fiber link that offers the most reliable means to measure electrically small antennas.




easy6 system prod

Stand-alone measurement systems for high-precision multi-channel magnitude measurements (SAR, electric, magnetic, and temperature).


Next generation probe systems: small, active and optically fully-isolated for meeasurements in the time & frequency domains

Next-generation probe systems: small, active, and optically fully-isolated for measurements in the time and frequency domains.