TDS Systems


What is TDS?

The Time Domain Sensor probes are miniaturized, active, fully isolated magnetic and electric near-field probes that perform over a very broad frequency range, from 10 MHz – 6 GHz. SPEAG’s TDS technology operates in both the frequency and time domains, delivering unparalleled sensitivity and spatial resolution for precise amplitude and phase measurements. TDS provides tremendous advantages over traditional conductive EMC probes in all near-field applications where EM transparency and noise and interference immunity are essential. All TDS systems are calibrated in SPEAG’s ISO17025-certified calibration laboratory.


TDS Systems

The TDS SNI system is optimized for accurate and traceable non-disturbing near-field EM-sniffing applications with SPEAG's TDS technology.

TDS SNI is compatible with:

  • All of SPEAG's TDS and OH4VNA remote units
TDS Standalone

The TDS Standalone system is optimized for accurate, traceable EM measurement applications in harsh and EM-hostile environments. It is also suitable for MRI environments.

TDS Standalone is compatible with:

  • All of SPEAG's TDS and OH4VNA remote units
  • All DASY platforms with TX2-60 and TX2-90 robots
  • ZMT MITS and ZMT piX

The RFoF1P system is a 1-port RF-over-fiber link based on SPEAG's photonic TDS technology. TDS is a miniature electrically fully isolated transducer operating in the 100 kHz – 10 GHz range. 

TDS RFoF1P is compatible with:

  • All of SPEAG's TDS and OH4VNA remote units

The RFoF1P4MED is a miniature active electro-optical wide-band sensor system for induced voltage measurements. RFoF1P4MED has been optimized for use in MRI and other EM-hostile environments.

TDS RFoF1P4MED is compatible with:

  • All of SPEAG's TDS and OH4VNA remote units
  • ZMT MITS and ZMT piX


ICEy (Interference & Compatibility Evaluation System) is the most advanced reactive near-field scanning system for analyzing EM interference and compatibility (EMI/EMC) in highly integrated electronics. ICEy module EMC is tailored for EMC near-field scanning applications. ICEy module mmW provides the most accurate mean to scan power density in the reactive near-field of millimeter-wave sources.

ICEy is compatible with:

  • All national and international power density standards (IEC/IEEE 63195)
  • EMC near-field scanning standards (IEC TS 61967-3)
  • All TDS standalone probes
  • All TDS remote units
  • SPEAG EUmmWVx probes
  • Sim4Life

OH4VNA is a bi-directional radiofrequency (RF-) over-fiber link that offers the most reliable means to measure the S11 of electrically small antennas in the 500 MHz – 6 GHz frequency range. 

OH4VNA  is compatible with:

  • All TDS probes and transducers

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