Whole body phantom

What are EM Phantoms?

EM Phantoms are physical models of the human body that accurately reproduce the effect of the body on electromagnetic (EM) radiation. SPEAG's whole and partial body EM phantoms represent humans in terms of dielectric properties in a wide range of frequencies from <10 MHz to >100 GHz. They enable reproducible and consistent over-the-air (OTA) performance evaluation of wireless devices operating in the proximity of the body. 



Certification of wireless devices operating <10 GHz according to OTA international and national certification standards (CTIA sub10)

Certification of wireless devices operating >6 GHz according to OTA international and national certification standards (CTIA mmW)

Performance evaluation of radio frequency (RF) applications that may be affected by the whole body such as body area network and body-worn and wearable devices (e.g., hearing aids, smart glasses, smart watches, smart clothing)

Drive/Field testing of mobile phones simulating use condition in real networks

Inside laboratory GPS testing using phantoms with realistic arm and leg movements (e.g., walking and jogging)

Performance assessment of medical devices with in- or on-body transmitters, wireless physiological sensors, and fitness monitoring devices

Standard Compatibility

SPEAG offers all phantoms defined in the latest CTIA OTA certification standard "Test Plan for Wireless Device Over-the-Air Performance" and actively participates in the various standard groups to develop the next generation of OTA phantoms.

SPEAG is committed to provide fully compliant, verified, and calibrated phantoms.

Whole-Body Phantom

SPEAG's whole-body phantom POPEYE10 enables performance evaluations of body-worn and wearable devices and body area networks in any realistic posture covering the frequency range <10 MHz to >110 GHz.

Partial-Body Phantoms

SPEAG's wide range of partial-body phantoms enable evaluation of antenna performance for hand-held and wrist-worn devices, as well as devices worn on or in the ear, nose, eyes, and other parts of the body. High-end low-loss fixtures enable accurate and repeatable positioning of the device-under-test in test position

Customized Phantoms

SPEAG offers customized phantoms for specific devices with customized hand grips, postures, anatomies, and dielectric properties.

Homogeneous, layered, multi-tissue, and multi-organ phantoms in generic and anatomical forms filled with a wide range of tissue-simulating liquids for use over an extended frequency range are available on request.

Customized Services

Together with our research partner, the IT'IS Foundation, we offer customized services for testing of in- and on-body medical devices and physiological sensors with phantoms that feature relevant tissues and organs.