EM Phantom Training


SPEAG offers training and knowhow on the correct use of EM Phantoms for OTA measurements. On-site training in the USA, Asia, and Europe or at SPEAG facilities in Switzerland are available. Topics include correct device positioning, evaluation of phantom and positioning uncertainty contributions, phantom maintenance as well as any other user-specified topic related to use of EM phantoms. 

Participant who successfully complete the training receive a certificate. Please contact us for more details and registration.

SPEAG has developed its first phantom package with a fixture designed to be compatible with any mmWave compact antenna test ranges with a quiet zone of 30 cm or larger. In this video, we introduce the new mmWave phantom set ‒ called mmWave two-hand-grip phantom package (or mmWave-THG-V6 package) ‒ for testing mobile devices used in gaming or landscape mode operating at frequencies ≥6 GHz.

Correct use of SPEAG's talk and data mode fixtures for mobile phone OTA measurements in head and hand (talk mode) or hand only (data mode) setups according to the CTIA certification standard "Test Plan for Wireless Device Over-the-Air Performance". (Movie: EM Phantoms Training)

Demonstration and use of SPEAG's whole-body phantom POPEYE10 in various test scenarios. (Movie: Introduction to POPEYE)

To enable accurate representation of the RF absorption as well as shadowing and scattering effects of a user’s body, hand, and forearm, SPEAG has provided the POPEYE V5.5 torso, arm, and hand phantoms for the world's fastest GPS air performance test for wearable devices of Verkotan. The hand and forearm are movable to enable accurate repositioning of the device or simulate movement during running that is essential to an efficient and reliable test plan.