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DASY8 Module R&D

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DASY8 Module R&D is optimized for maximum flexibility in performing user-specific scans using SPEAG's own as well as third party probes for R&D purposes.


DASY8 Module R&D has been designed for full scanning flexibility. It is compatible with any of SPEAG's probes, or third party probes, that can be mounted on the DASY8 robots. It is empowered by an extensive application user interface (API).


Module R&D offers full scanning flexibility to the end-user. Using the large set of commands available in the API, any custom scans can be developed (points, lines, surfaces or volumes). A typical measurement workflow would be:

  • Move the probe to the desired location
  • Measure the local field, temperature, etc.
  • Store the probe location and data
  • Repeat the above procedure for all the desired points

Typical Applications:

  • 3D mapping of the field in magnetic resonance coils
  • 3D mapping of hyperthermia applicators
  • 2D/3D mapping of radiative power transfer systems
  • Characterization of the near-field of antennas
  • ...and many more
Basic Components

The basic components of DASY8 Module R&D are:


All SPEAG's diode-based probes are compatible. An exhaustive list is given below.

Dosimetric (SAR) probes:

Temperature probes:

E-field probes:

H-field probes:



Various Jupyter Notebook based graphical user interfaces are made available for the most common tasks. Additional customized notebooks can be developed on requests.


Large command set for custom scans.

Unique Features  



Spatial Accuracy

Spatial Repeatability

3rd party Probes


Create any custom-defined scans

Field measurements including SMC linearization 


<0.035mm position repeatability

Easy integration 







Routine electromagnetic source evaluations can be easily automated

The ultimate research tool for field scanning

Customized usage of SPEAG's high-end probes components

All DASY8 safety features available (e.g., emergency stop)

Compatibility None
Product History See product lifetime
Release Date 3Q 2022