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What is DASY8 and DASY83D?

Our Dosimetric Assessment System (DASY) is a robot-based high precision electromagnetic (EM) near-field scanning platform that was first introduced in 1994. Since then, more than 1000 systems have been installed worldwide. DASY8, the 8th generation of DASY, is the most precise and advanced flexible scanning platform for testing compliance with any national (e.g., FCC, CENELEC) and international guidelines, standards, and regulations  (e.g., IEC, IEEE, ICNIRP) and for a wide range of R&D measurement tasks related to EM exposure from 3 kHz to 110 GHz. Several application-specific hardware and software modules are available for DASY8.

The DASY8 Modules offer optimal solutions for  any near-field tasks and are continuously updated to meet the latest regulatory and research requirements. they are tightly coupled with the co-developed premier simulation platform Sim4Life for advanced computational life science research and effective device development (ZMT Zurich MedTech AG, member of the Z43 alliance).

DASY83D is a full integration of the cSAR3D system with any of the DASY8 Modules, offering a combined system that seamlessly transitions from automated SAR pre-screening with cSAR3D to full evaluations using the gold standard DASY8.


DASY8 Modules

Module SAR 

DASY8 Module SAR / APD is optimized for demonstration of compliance with local and whole-body specific absorption rate (SAR) limits from 4 MHz to 10 GHz and the absorbed power density (APD) from 6 GHz to 10 GHz based on SAR measurements. The module scans the field in the entire or in a sub-volume of a phantom filled with tissue simulating liquid and determines the peak spatial SAR directly without any approximation. It is the most accurate SAR tool available on the market and considered as the gold standard in compliance testing.

DASY8 Module SAR / APD is compatible with:

  • All national and international SAR standards (see module page for the full list of standards)
  • All DASY platforms with TX2-60L and TX2-90XL robots
  • All of SPEAG's dosimetric probes and phantoms, including customized phantoms, tissue simulating liquids, and SAR sources
  • cDASY6 Module SAR project files
  • Import of DASY52, and cSAR3D result files
  • Sim4Life  (all post-processor algorithms)
  • compatible with the currently drafted IEC PAS for APD evaluations between 6 and 10 GHz.
Module APD

DASY8 Module APD is optimized for demonstration of compliance with the absorbed power denisty limits from 10 to 45 GHz

Module mmWave

DASY8 Module mmWave is optimized for demonstration of compliance with the incident PD limits from 6 to 110 GHz using the smallest pseudo-vector electric (E-) field probe. The module scans the magnitude of the field in planes (closest plane as close as 2 mm from the device) and determines the phase using our powerful reconstruction algorithm. Two options are available: the Forward Transform Evaluation (FTE) option to determine the field in the entire volume above the scanned plane, and the Maximum Exposure Optimizer (MEO) option to evaluate the maximum of beam-forming antennas. The measured files can also be directly imported in Sim4Life to perform additional advanced Use Case evaluations. 

DASY8 Module mmWave is compatible with:

  • All national and international PD standards (see module page for the full list of standards)
  • All DASY platforms with TX2-60L and TX2-90XL robots
  • All of SPEAG's mmWave probes, phantoms, holders, and verification sources
  • cDASY6 Module mmWave project files
  • Import of ICEy Module mmWave result files
  • Sim4Life (file and all post-processor algorithm)
Module WPT

DASY8 Module WPT is optimized for demonstration of compliance of magnetic field sources (e.g., wireless power transfer (WPT) systems) operating from 3 kHz to 4 MHz with basic restrictions and also reference levels. The module performs a volume half-space scan of the H- and E-fields on a fine grid (7.33mm) and determines the SAR and induced field distributions in the standardized phantom by novel advanced algorithms. It also assess the incident fields. The exported file (with the extension name .magpy) is fully compatible with Sim4Life for any further Use Case investigation. 

DASY8 Module WPT is compatible with:

  • All national and international SAR/NS standards (see module page for full list of standards)
  • All DASY platforms with TX2-90XL robot
  • SPEAG's MAGPy-8H3D+E3D probe
  • cDASY6 Module WPT project files
  • Sim4Life (file and all post-processor algorithm)
Module HAC

DASY8 Module HAC is optimized for effective demonstration of hearing aid compatibility (HAC) with IEEE C63.19-2019.

DASY8 Module HAC is compatible with:

  • HAC standard IEEE C63.19-2019
  • All DASY platforms with TX2-60L and TX2-90XL robots
  • E/H-field free space probes, device holders & positioner, and verification dipoles 
  • Import of DASY 5.2 result files
Module R&D

DASY8 Module R&D is optimized for performing user-specific scans with SPEAG's own as well as third-party probes. Various Jupyter Notebook-based graphical user interfaces are made available for the most common tasks. The extensive command set of the application programming interface enables the user to perform and automate field scans. Additional customized Jupyter Notebook-based procedures are available on request. 

DASY8 Module R&D is compatible with:

  • All DASY8 platforms (highest flexibility with the MP8I TX2-90XL platform)
  • SPEAG's probes 
  • third party probes (consult with SPEAG support)
Module c3D

DASY8 Module c3D integrates the cSAR3D systems into the DASY8 MP8I TX2-90XL platform.

The result is the powerful DASY83D system which is compatible with:

  • Module SAR
  • Module APD
  • Module mmWave
  • Module WPT
  • Module HAC
  • Module R&D
Module AIMD

DASY8 Module AIMD has been developed for demonstration of magnetic resonance safety of active implantable medical devices (AIMD).

DASY8 Module AIMD is compatible with:

  • ISO/IEC 10974
  • DASY AIMD platform TX2-90XL
  • dosimetric and free-space probes
  • MITS15.3T
  • MIT-TT
  • PiX
  • Sim4Life and MDDT Tools
  • The module is only available from ZMT Zurich MedTech AG.

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