Mar 19, 2024

Pre-Announcement: New DASY8 Module SENS for TA-PS Performance Evaluations

Following a successful research collaboration between the IT’IS Foundation and Semtech, SPEAG is finalizing implementation for the release in June of the latest DASY product, the new DASY8 Module SENS for reliable evaluation of Time-Averaged Proximity Sensors (TA-PS).

Proximity sensors are important technologies that are widely present in today’s mobile wireless devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.). These sensors enable the devices to transmit at high power when not handheld or operated close to the body and are therefore able to achieve better connectivity (higher data rates, etc.) while simultaneously ensuring that user exposure to electromagnetic fields remains within regulatory limits.

With recent regulatory developments concerning time-averaging, as well as more advanced sensors and implementation in wireless devices, there is a need for a new generation of systems able to comprehensively test such sensors and their implementation in the most realistic usage scenarios.

IT’IS therefore collaborated with Semtech, the industry leader in proximity sensor technologies, in the TyProxi (Test System for Proximity Sensors) project, which was co-financed by Swiss Innovation Agency Innosuisse.

The project’s findings resulted in a test procedure and a prototype implementation for evaluation of the trigger distance and conditions of proximity sensors. The two teams also worked closely with standardization bodies and regulators, which led to successful applications to Canadian and U.S. regulatory agencies who recently approved the Semtech PerSe® Time-Averaged Proximity Sensor (TA-PS) Time-Averaged SAR (TAS) algorithm that is implemented in their latest PerSe® Connect chipsets.

Based on these important milestones, SPEAG, with the support of the original project partners, has committed to developing DASY8 Module SENS, which enables routine testing of not only time-averaged proximity sensors but also legacy non-time-averaged devices. The pneumatic gripper system developed for DASY8 Module c3D is used to move a device-under-test towards the phantom and the phantom towards the device. New field sensor technologies will also be utilized to capture the phone response with high accuracy.

DASY8 Module SENS will provide unprecedented control and precision for proximity sensor validation, will be fully compatible with other DASY8 modules, and will include sensors to monitor the transmitted power in real-time. The transmitted power information is then used to determine the power level to be applied to assess radiofrequency exposure.

DASY8 Module SENS will be fully compatible with all applicable international standards and national regulations, including ISED Notice 2020-DRS0007, FCC KDB 447498, IEC TR 63424-1, and both the published and upcoming amendment of IEC/IEEE 62209-1528.

The project has already progressed so well that the release for June of this year can be announced. For more information, please contact