Services of SPEAG Laboratories
Calibration Service of SPEAG CAL Labs: ISO/IEC 17025 calibration for various products including calibration for specific or custom-defined Communication Systems).

Extended Guarantee Service: service and maintenance agreement that ensures an operational DASY system without major down-time (immediate replacement shipment), free updates and regular recalibration at reduced fees. Furthermore, 25% discounts on system upgrades are provided as well as priority in addressing measurement issues by e-mail, website, or telephone.

Testing and R&D Services: Together with our partnering research institutions, SPEAG provides a wide range of R&D and engineering services.

Training Services: basic and advanced DASY/SEMCAD user training, instruction on the latest developments in standards and compliance requirements, special training based on customer defined topics, etc. 


Certification of SHO Hand Phantoms: Certification of hand phantoms according to CTIA Test Plan is available for our customers who have purchased SHO Hand Phantoms.

Simulation Services: SPEAG, together with our partnering research institution IT'IS Foundation, provides EM and thermal simulation and modeling services performed with SEMCAD X in our high performance computing facilities to address a wide variety of engineering challenges.
Services of Partner Laboratories
Calibration Service of BNNSPEAG CAL LABS, India: ISO/IEC 17025 calibration of EMC probes, devices and antennas.