BNNSPEAG CAL LABS (Partner Laboratory)


BNNSPEAG is a joint venture between BNN Communication Engineers, India and Schmid & Partner Engineering AG, Switzerland, and has been in operation as an independent company since 2012. The company operates a state-of-the-art, high-precision RF test and calibration laboratory in Delhi NCR, INDIA.

The two calibration laboratories (CH and IN) regularly exchange experience and methodologies and also perform inter-laboratory comparisons and round robins.

The BNNSPEAG laboratory provides services for calibration/testing of:

  • Mobile Phones, tablets, smartwatches, and other RF devices for compliance with human safety (SAR, PD, E/H, etc.) limits.
  • Electric/magnetic field probes used in EMC testing/radiation hazard monitoring;
  • RF instruments such as spectrum analyzers, signal generators, power sensors, VNA, etc.
  • Passive RF devices such as couplers, filters, cables, splitters;
  • Antennae used in EMC / radio monitoring/base stations for parameters that includes (1) Antenna Factor / Gain; (2) Beam patterns (AZ / EL planes); (3) 3dB Beam-width & Front to Back ratio; (4) Return Loss; (5) Symmetry.

The laboratory facilities include DASY8 (SAR/ mm-Wave /HAC/WPT/cSAR3D module) system, several fully anechoic chambers, in addition to an open area test site (OATS) with a 30 x 20m ground plane.

The BNNSPEAG test /calibration laboratory operates independently and impartially. All contracts are handled with strict confidentiality.