Testing Services



The laboratory provides SAR Compliance testing services for mobile phones, tablets and other RF devices used in close proximity to Human body. Testing is performed according to the international standards such as the IEC / IEEE, and the FCC KDB regulations.

The laboratory facilities include DASY8 robotic scanners with SAR, mmWave, HAC, WPT and DASY8^3D modules along with the cSAR3D vector array SAR system.

The laboratory additionally provides testing services for antenna characterization. Antenna parameters are measured inside a fully anechoic chamber with a 0.5m x 0.5m quiet zone. Larger antenna systems are tested on the Open Area Test site (OATS). Antennae are characterized for parameters such as:

  • Gain / Antenna Factor
  • Radiation patter envelopes (AZ / EL planes)
  • Beam Width
  • Front to Back ratio
  • Symmetry
  • Beam Squint
  • First upper side lobe suppression
  • Cross polar discrimination.