Verification & Validation Sources

SPEAG offers both verification and validation sources for measurement systems that are used to demonstrate compliance of transmitters operating >6 GHz with regulatory requirements (FCC, IEC, etc.).

The verification sources are well characterized and calibrated so that the user can perform the required system check easily and accurately before evaluating the device under test.

The IEC/IEEE 63195-1 defines validation sources for system manufacturer validation whenever new hardware or software is available.

Verification Sources

SPEAG offers four verification sources for the frequency bands ranging from 6 – 110 GHz. Each source is calibrated in SPEAG’s ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory prior to shipment.

Thanks to their compact design, they are easy to use and well-suited for system checks.

Detailed specifications: mmW Verification Sources 

Validation Sources

System validation sources defined in the IEC/IEEE 63195-1 standard. Each source is calibrated prior to shipment at SPEAG’s ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory and allows in-depth performance evaluation at the customer site if required by regulators.

Detailed specifications: mmW Validation Sources