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Training services are offered either on site at customers' premises or at SPEAG facilities. Training covers a wide range of topics from basic system operations and routine maintenance to specific topics defined by the end user. The comprehensive training enables participants to conduct even the most complex measurements without any difficulties.

The user videos below provide a first introduction to the wide range of features that are available in our DASY system. All features shown for DASY6 are also available in DASY8.

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DASY Videos and Tutorials

Module WPT V2.0: At the next level! Faster, more accurate & acceptable WPT compliance measurements.

SPEAG’s new solution, integrating the revolutionary MAGpy 2.0 probe with the DASY8/6 for wireless power transfer (WPT) compliance evaluations– DASY8/6 Module WPT V2.0 – has been released!

DASY83D V1.4: A major leap forward!

DASY83D integrates SPEAG’s cSAR3D systems with DASY8 Module c3D to create a fully automated and powerful specific absorption rate compliance laboratory. The release of DASY83D V1.4 offers several new features and improvements compared to the previous version: 

  • integration of the Anritsu MT8000A, the first 5G base station simulator
  • enhanced precision and WIFI 6E
  • new micro-adjustment graphical user interface in the robot teach pendant.

The video shows an overview of the new features.

DASY8/6 Module R&D V1.0: More Flexibility for Customized Measurements Using SPEAG and 3rd Probes
DASY8/6 Module R&D V1.0 has been designed for nonstandardized measurements typically required by groups performing research and development. The video shows, as an example, how to evaluate the distributions of the electric and magnetic field and field impedance inside this transverse electromagnetic (TEM) cell in order to determine the extent of the field volume with well-defined plane wave characteristics.

SPEAG is using Module R&D to prototype new DASY8/6 Modules.

DASY83D V1.2: Measurement automation like never before!
DASY83D integrates SPEAG’s cSAR3D systems with DASY8 Module c3D to create a fully automated and powerful specific absorption rate compliance laboratory. It combines the speed of cSAR3D with the precision and versatility of DASY8 and is fully compatible with all international SAR standards. The release of DASY83D V1.2 offers several new features and improvements compared to the first version, V1.0:

  • automated control of base station simulators
  • support for large form factor devices, such as tablets
  • optimized robot movements
  • improved user interface
  • new application programming interface for third-party integration

DASY83D V1.2 allows thousands of measurements to be made without user intervention.

DASY8/6 Module SAR V16.2: Simplified testing routines for complicated Multi-TX evaluations (User Video)
DASY8/6 Module SAR V16.2 is the gold standard for specific absorption rate measurement from 4 MHz to 10 GHz and absorbed power density (APD) from 6 GHz to 10 GHz. This user video demonstrates two main features of Module SAR V16.2:

  • APD measurement of a reference antenna at 6.5 GHz
  • Evaluation of a smartwatch on a wrist phantom that works simultaneously on Bluetooth and LTE
DASY83D – cSAR3D-A Redesigned (User Video)
DASY83D is the solution for automated user-defined, high-precision and high-throughput measurements and feature evaluations such as time-averaged specific absorption rate (SAR), proximity and motion sensors. DASY83D integrates the DASY8 Modules with cSAR3D, providing a combined system that seamlessly transitions from automated SAR pre-screening with cSAR3D to full evaluation using the gold standard DASY8. This movie demonstrates the first version of the software that is based on the new DASY8 Module c3D V1.0 and interacts with cSAR3D via its advanced application programming interfaces.
DASY8/6 Module mmWave V3-0: Simplified PD Evaluations at 6–10 GHz (User Video)
SPEAG has released Module mmWave V3-0, which is optimized to demonstrate compliance with the incident power density (PD) from 6–110 GHz. The novel equivalent source reconstruction algorithm featured in V3-0 offers two key advantages: (i) accurate PD reconstruction at distances as close as 2 mm for Wi-Fi 6E devices operating in the 6 GHz band, (ii) evaluation of complex exposure scenarios from measurement data in Sim4Life V7.0. These new advantages are described in detail in this user video.

Guided Evaluations with DASY8/6 Module HAC2019 (User Video)

SPEAG’s new Module HAC2019 extends the capability of the DASY8 and DASY6 systems to measure hearing aid compatibility of mobile devices according to the ANSI C63.19-2019 standard. In the video, the performance of the module is tested, showing that the evaluation workflow has been significantly simplified compared to the previous DASY52 implementation. Module HAC2019 uses the previous HAC hardware, with the exception that the modulation interference factor is now determined using the Modulation and Audio Interference Analyzer (MAIA).

DASY6/8 Module SAR V16-0 For Easy Multi-TX Evaluations (User Video)

SPEAG has released Module SAR V16-0 that is optimized to demonstrate compliance with local and whole-body specific absorption rate (SAR) limits from 4 MHz to 10 GHz and absorbed power density from 6 GHz to 10 GHz. The SAR evaluators have been extensively enhanced to ease the measurement of devices that can transmit on multiple frequency bands simultaneously. In this video, this new feature is demonstrated on the newly released DASY8, the 8th generation of SPEAG’s state-of-the-art electromagnetic near-field scanning platform that has increased modularity and flexibility.

cDASY6 Module WPT – Our New MAGPy Technology for DASY6 (User Video)

MAGPy, SPEAG’s new product line for time-domain field measurements below <10 MHz, has been combined with DASY6. The result is the new cDASY6 Module WPT that is optimized for advanced compliance testing of wireless power transfer devices according to IEC/IEEE63184 DPAS and expands the frequency range of DASY6 to below 4 MHz.

DASY6/8 Module SAR: Time-Efficient SAR Evaluation Thanks to Smart Zoom Scan 

Specific absorption rate (SAR) compliance testing is now easier than ever with cDASY6 Module SAR V6.14! The new Smart Zoom Scan feature included in this version automatically computes the optimal grid settings as required by IEC 62209-2 Amendment 1 criteria while maintaining as short a measurement time as possible – making SAR measurements quicker and more reliable. The video demonstrates step-by-step how to use this exciting new feature.

DASY6/8 Module SAR: Automate Your Testing Workflow (User Video)

The new application programming interface (API) developed for cDASY6 Module SAR V6.12 enables users to perform quicker, easier, and customized specific absorption rate compliance testing by automation of workflows. The video, shot in the BNN Communication Engineers laboratory, demonstrates step-by-step how to automate the FCC LTE test reduction procedure as defined in Section 5.2 of KDB Publication 941225 D05 LTE. The measurements are not only much faster but also more reliable, as the same procedure can be applied across different DASY6 systems.

SAR and Epithelial Power Density Measurements for Devices Operating at 6 - 10 GHz with DASY6/8 Module SAR/APD (User Video)

DASY6 V6.10 is the first system capable of measuring the specific absorption rate and transmitted power density at 6 – 10 GHz. The new DASY6 software is fully compatible with the IEC, IEEE, and ICNIRP guidelines in this frequency range. In this video, a user demonstrates a successful system performance check at 7 GHz with one of the new validation dipoles. The frequency extension is easy to use and does not require new probes, phantoms or tissue simulating liquid.

Forward Transform Evaluator (FTE) Software Package in DASY6/8 Module mmWave V2.0 (User Video)

The FTE (Forward Transform Evaluator) Option that is integrated into cDASY6 Module mmWave V2.0 is a major breakthrough in power density (PD) compliance testing at mmWave frequencies. With the advanced methods and algorithms of this new software package, the PD distribution can be evaluated on any complex surface located in the half space above the measurement plane. Time savings are large since multiple exposure conditions are evaluated from a single set of measurements. This video demonstrates the value of the FTE Option in cDASY6 Module mmWave V2.0 using the example of a phase-array antenna.

Maximum Exposure Optimizer (MEO) Software Package in DASY6/8 Module mmWave V2.0 (User Video)

The MEO (Maximum Exposure Optimizer) Option featured in DASY6/8 Module mmWave is a unique tool for the assessment of the maximum exposure of MIMO (phased array) antennas on any arbitrary surface from a minimal set of measurements. This user video demonstrates the benefits of this option using an mmWave antenna with eight elements. By using beam-steering techniques, the antenna’s directivity can be set from -60° to +60°. Coupled with the Forward Transform Evaluator (FTE) Option, the MEO Option computes the maximum averaged power density for the four test positions at the mmWave SAM head (Left / Right Head, Tilt / Cheek) and at any test distances from the ELI phantom from a set of planar measurements.

Specific Ankle Phantom for Dosimetric Evaluations (cDASY6 V6.8+) (User Video)

SPEAG’s new specific Ankle Phantom is used for specific absorption rate compliance testing of devices operating on the lower leg or ankle of the human body. This user video demonstrates how the phantom is installed in cDASY6/8, and compliance is demonstrated for ankle-mounted devices, e.g., tracking devices. The Ankle Phantom complements SPEAG’s library of specific phantoms that meet the IEC/IEEE 62209-1528 standard.

Linearization Verification with MAIA (cDASY6 V6.8+) (User Video)

SPEAG’s MAIA is a hardware interface to evaluate the modulation and audio interference characteristics of radiofrequency signals in the frequency range from 698 MHz – 6 GHz. Here we demonstrate how MAIA is used to verify that the probe linearization parameters are valid for the uplink signal being measured. The step-by-step setup up of the MAIA is shown first. Then, the interpretation of the verification results is discussed. This device provides confidence to the end-user and regulators that the provided linearization uncertainty is valid.

Power Compliance Testing with mmWave Module (User Video)

Power density compliance testing has never been easier: SPEAG’s latest software release, Version 1.2 of our mmWave Module, is yet another step forward in our drive to provide you with even more automated and more versatile tools for analysis and assessment of compliance at frequencies above 10 GHz!

Base Station Antenna Testing (User Video)

The safety distance of base station antennas can now be determined in the adult and child phantoms according to the IEC 62232 standard thanks to the “Fast Volume Scan”, a new feature which is available to DASY customers with SPEAG’s latest software release cDASY6.6. The Fast Volume Scan not only allows to effectively and precisely determine the peak spatial specific absorption rate (SAR), but also to accurately assess whole-body average SAR values.

Testing of a Smart Watch with DASY6/8 Module SAR (User Video)

The latest software release V6.6 for our advanced Dosimetric Assessment SYstem Generation 6 (DASY6) is now ready for compliance testing of any IoT (Internet of Things) device. In this example, a user demonstrates step by step how easy it is to evaluate a smart watch with cDASY6.6. Measurements are not only much faster but also more accurate, with excellent interlaboratory reproducibility.

Usage of Specific Phantoms with DASY6/8 Module SAR (User Video)

The video demonstrates the new features of software V6.4, which integrates four specific phantoms (Twin-SAM Chin-20, Face-Down, Head-Stand, and Generic Wrist Phantoms) of IEC62209-U. It also allows the integration of any other custom-made phantoms, making DASY6 capable to test the compliance of any wireless device with current safety regulations.

Time-Averaged Power Control SAR Testing with DASY6/8 Module SAR (User Video)

A new feature of SPEAG’s cDASY6 offers a simple way to demonstrate compliance of wireless devices which include chipsets that control the time-averaged transmitted power over user-defined time intervals (e.g., any 360 seconds as defined by ICNIRP1). Such devices can transmit at very high data rate over several tens of seconds, therefore making mobile apps requiring large data transfer much more responsive. This video demonstrates step-by-step how the maximum specific absorption rate (SAR) averaged over any time interval is measured accurately without any additional uncertainty for any wireless device using the latest DASY software V6.4.

Testing Automatization with DASY6/8 Module SAR (User Video)

In this video, a user demonstrates how easy it is to setup a multiband measurement campaign in DASY6/8, how fast the scan is performed and how the automatic handover between frequency bands takes place without a single user interaction (shown are GSM900, LTE2500, and UMTS1950).

Mother Scan with DASY6/8 Module SAR (User Video)

The tutorial video demonstrates how the MotherScan is performed in DASY6 - from importing the phantom type and serial number into the software, to phantom teaching procedure and file storage. It also includes other tips and tricks. An accurate MotherScan, i.e., the recording of the exact location of the phantom surface, is key for substantially reducing measurement time and increasing robustness.

New Dedicated Cal Lab for cSAR3D (SPEAG Video)

The video shows our dedicated cSAR3D ISO1702 calibration facility «Ally Pally». It contains four automated robot-based calibration stations plus a DASY test system in a fully shielded, self-contained environment. The new laboratory complements SPEAG’s already well-established calibration service center for the DASY systems.

Customer's Promotion Videos

State-of-the-Art Compliance Laboratory!

This short movie provides an overview of the state-of-the-art compliance laboratory at BNNSPEAG in New Delhi. It demonstrates how SPEAG's DASY8-3D system can be used effectively for precise compliance testing of the most complex mobile devices – including specific absorption rate, millimeter waves and wireless power transfer – in the frequency range between 3 kHz and 110 GHz.


cDASY6 Demo at UL UK

Watch cDASY6 in action at UL UK! The video, which was orignally broadcast on BBC1 South, shows great features like the new Fast Area Scan.

DASY52 Demo at Verkotan

DASY52 demonstrated at Verkotan Lab

SAR Evaluations from Northwest EMC

Northwest EMC SAR testing capabilities with DASY5 are shown in this video

SAR Measurements at EMC Technologies

Ever wondered how they test mobile phones for radiation and impact upon the human body? SAR measurements explained by Dave from EMC Technologies.

DASY4 Demo at Emitech

DASY4 demo at Emitech Lab

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