Jun 6, 2023

DASY8/6 Module WPT V2.0: Enhanced and Fast WPT Compliance Testing

SPEAG released DASY8/6 Module WPT V2.0, which integrates the new MAGPy Version 2 with the DASY8/6 system and provides 8-times faster, more accurate, and total field (magnetic and electric field) compliance testing of sources emitting any periodic signals (<10 MHz) against the basic restrictions.

The latest version of our DASY8/6 Module WPT, V2.0, is now based on MAGPy Version 2 and takes full advantage of this stand-alone product. Evaluating wireless power transfer (WPT) systems has never been so quick and easy with maximum precision:

  • 8× faster measurements, as the new probes allow assessment of the eight isotropic magnetic (H-) field probes (23 sensors plus phase) at each robot position;
  • Simultaneous measurement of the incident electric (E-) field with its integrated isotropic E-field sensor;
  • Evaluation of periodic signals with non-sinusoidal waveforms and duty cycles;
  • Evaluation of all basic restriction quantities, now also including the local non-averaged induced E-field required by ISED;
  • Conversion of the measured H-field distribution into a Maxwell field and calculation of the fields in the standardized phantom without loss of precision (Tier 4 of IEC 63184);
  • Conservative estimation of the fields induced in the tissue by the incident E-field according to Christ et al. (Bioelectromagnetics, 43(7), 2022).

This user video shows how the MAGPy Version 2 probe, integrated with DASY8/6 Module WPT V2.0, is used to determine compliance for wireless power transfer devices.

Another important advantage is the dual use of the MAGPy system as a hand-held system (MAGPy Version 2) and as part of Module WPT (DASY8/6 Module WPT V2.0), as customers only need to buy and calibrate one device.

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