mmW-THG-V6 Package

mmW-THG-V6 Package

mmWave hands s

mmWave Two-Hand-Grip phantom V6 Package Right & Left 

Anthropomorphic mmWave hand phantoms with low-loss wrist and fixture

Consists of
- HandsmmW-THG-SHO-R&LV6
- Positioning Spacers: mmW-THG-SR&LV6
- Wrist Extensions: mmW-THG-WR&LV6
- Fixture: mmW-FX V/F/B-SHO-V6


OTA evaluations of mobile phone devices in two-hand-grip or gaming mode at millimeter-wave frequency range


Hands size and material properties compliant with CTIA certification standard "Test Plan for Wireless Device Over-the-Air Performance" for test frequencies in the 3 – 6 GHz range


1.2 Kg


Four holes for mounting the fixture on a turntable/testing setup located 210 x 174 mm apart (the same as SHO-FX-V5)


mmW-THG-SHO-R&LV6 hands:

designed based on the dimensions of the hand phantoms developed by CTIA with modified and optimised grip for testing two-hand-grip mobile phone devices; manufactured from a silicone-carbon-based mixture (color:Black) with material properties according to CTIA definitions for hand phantoms; a special low-loss silicone coating is applied to mmW-THG-SHO-R&LV6 that extends the frequency range beyond 100 GHz


Positioning Spacers:

manufactured from RF-transparent foam (dielectric constant < 1.3, loss-tangent < 0.003)


Wrist Extension:

manufactured from RF-transparent foam (dielectric constant < 1.3, loss-tangent < 0.003) and a hollow thin shell of less than 2 mm thickness low-loss plastic (dielectric constant < 5.0, loss-tangent < 0.05)



manufactured from thin low-loss plastics with dielectric constant < 5 and a loss tangent < 0.05

Frequency Range

3 to >100 GHz