mmW-½SAMR/L-V11 Packages

mmW-½SAMR/L-V11 Packages

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mmWSAMR/L-V11 Packages (R for Right and L for Left Head Side)

Anthropomorphic head phantoms for evaluating OTA performance (e.g., TRP, TIS) of mobile phone and other ear-mounted devices at frequencies from 6 to >100 GHz. The phantoms are optimized for minimal weight and horizontal and vertical mounting and designed for usage in CATR with a quiet zone of 30 cm or larger.

consist of:
-Head: mmW-½SAMR/L-V11 with Stand
-Mask: mmW-½SAMR-Mask6-V11 – Right or Left 6-degree Positioning Mask 
-Hand Fixture: mmW-½SAMR-FTM-V11 – Right Talk Mode Fixture V11


Assessment of radiation pattern or total radiated power of mobile phones in talk mode in combination with the appropriate hand phantom


The Right Package has the same performance as the mmW-SAM-V10 for phones operating above 6 GHz and tested on the right side at the ear and the Left Package for phones tested on the left side at the ear, respectively. The phantoms only weigh half the weight of the mmW-SAM-V10 and are more rigid. 


2.5 kg


Width: 158 mm
Depth: 165 mm
Height: 287 mm


The 30 mm thick black layer of the phantom is manufactured from SPEAG's coated lossy silicone-carbon-based mixture that matches the reflection and absorption properties of the head skin tissue in the frequency range from 6 to >100 GHz. The head stand and talk-mode fixture are of low-loss low-permittivity plastic. The hand fixture has the same properties and functionality as that of the CTIA sub10 head phantoms. 

The mask (mmW-½SAMR-Mask6-V11 – Right or Left) is made of low-loss, low-permittivity high-density foam that supports accurate and repeatable positioning of mmW-SHO-hand phantoms in the required 6-degree tilt position. 

Frequency Range

6 to >100 GHz


CATR systems with 30cm quiet zone or larger

All mmWave Talk-Mode hands (3 to >100 GHz)