SAM head phantom V4.5 with Broadband head Simulating gel

Lightweight homogeneous anthropomorphic head phantom filled with a broadband head tissue simulating gel for OTA evaluation and optimisation of mobile phone devices


Mask6V1/2 mask for 6° rotation of the SAM Head cheeks

SHO-FTMV2 talk mode fixtures

SAM-PPV1 phone positioner


Assessment of radiation pattern or total radiated power of mobile phone devices in talk mode in combination with a hand phantom or in head-only mode


Fully compliant with CTIA Certification Standard “Test Plan for Wireless Device Over-the-Air Performance”  

Geometry compliant with SAM data as defined by IEEE SCC34 and 3GPP TR25.914 "Measurements of Radio Performances for UMTS Terminals in Speech Mode" Release 6


Width: 250 mm (without phone positioner)
Depth: 269 mm
Height: 394 mm (incl. feet)


Phantom Shell:

high precision injection moulded PP made of low-loss plastic (dielectric constant < 5.0, loss-tangent < 0.05), thickness: 2 ± 0.2 mm, integrated positioning lines, sealed top cap


Gel filling:

dielectric parameters compliant with head simulating media as defined by IEEE/IEC and CTIA standards over the entire frequency range (0.3 – 6GHz), volume 5.9 liters (7.2 kg), stable for a minimum of three years if kept sealed and in temperature range 22 ± 5 °C. Typical dielectric properties of the gel filling under CTIA300-6000V6 description


Mounting on a Turntable:

8mm holes in a plane 210 mm wide x 174 mm deep 

Frequency Range

0.3 – 6 GHz


Compatible with all SPEAG's SHO- and mmW-SHO- hand phantoms designed for talk mode testing using fixtures SHO-FTMV2 

Compatible with phone positioner SAM-PPV1