HEAD-P10 and mmW-HEAD-P10


feye P10 210

HEAD Phantoms for POPEYE-10

All Head-P10 phantoms consist of the head base, a face, and a pair of ears. The head can be customized configured and assembled by the user.

HEAD Base: Head geometry is compliant with SAM data as defined by IEEE SCC34 and 3GPP TR25.914 "Measurements of Radio Performances for UMTS Terminals in Speech Mode" Release 6 and with CTIA Certification Standard “Test Plan for Wireless Device Over-the-Air Performance”

FACE-P10: Face geometry is compliant with the face of the SAM data set 

FEYE-V2-P10: Face geometry is compliant with the face of the SAM data set but eye models have been introduced to simulate transceivers on eyes (e.g., smart lenses)

Customized Faces: on special request, customized faces can be manufactured

EAR-G1-P10: Ear geometry is compliant with the generic ear of the SAM data set 

EAR-A2-P10: pair of EAR inserts with Anatomical pinna2
for HEAD-P10

Customized Ears: on special request, customized ears can be manufactured



Frequency Range

HEAD-P10:                 4.0 MHz – <3.0 GHz
mmW-HEAD-P10:     3.0 GHz  – >100 GHz 


Repeatable and standardised OTA performance or link-budget evaluations of any wireless systems mounted at the head above 6 GHz

Optimized for repeatable OTA performance or link-budget evaluations of ear-mounted and eye-mounted wireless systems between 4 MHz and >100 GHz

(it is recommended to use SAM-V4.5BS, standardised by CTIA, for cellular devices operating up to 6 GHz and positioned against the ear)


The mmW-Head-P10 configuration with mmW-FACE-P10 and mmW-EAR-G1-P10 is complaint with the mmW-SAM-P10

Material properties compliant with CTIA certification standard "Test Plan for Wireless Device Over-the-Air Performance" requirements for hand material for all defined and expected test frequencies in the 0.3 – 6 GHz range

Above 6 GHz the material is compatible with the reflection/absorption properties of the human skin (


4.8 Kg


Width: 158 mm
Depth: 165 mm
Height: 287 mm


Manufactured from a lossy silicone-carbon-based mixture (color:Black) with material properties according to CTIA definitions for hand phantoms; supported by a conductive inner skeleton providing a conductive connection to the CHEST-P10 or STAND-HEAD-P10; a special low-loss silicone coating is applied to mmW-HEAD-P10 that extends the frequency range beyond 100 GHz


Compatible with POPEYE10 whole body phantom

Compatible with CHEST-P10

Compatible with SPEAG's SHO- and mmW-SHO-  hand phantoms designed for talk mode testing using fixtures SHO-FTM-P10V3

Compatible with STAND-HEAD-P10 (for mounting the Head-P10 on standard turntables as the Head SAM-V4.5BS)



SHO-FTM-P10V3 talk mode fixtures

SAM-PPV1 phone positioner