Customized Hands

Customized Hands

Device specific antropomorphic hand phantoms with customized grips for OTA evaluation of user-specified hand-held wireless devices



Assessment of radiation pattern or total radiated power of hand-held wireless devices with user defined hand grips

Compliance Material properties and hand size compliant with CTIA certification standard "Test Plan for Wireless Device Over-the-Air Performance"

Hand dimensions according to CTIA OTA certification standards or Chinese demographics; manufactured from a silicone-carbon-based mixture (color:Black) with material properties according to CTIA definitions for hand phantoms; a special low-loss silicone coating is applied to the phantoms for 3 to >100 GHz frequency range

Designed using poser functionality provided by SEMCAD X to obtain any customized hand grip

Frequency Range

0.3 – 3 GHz
3 to >100 GHz