TDS Standalone System

TDS Standalone are miniaturized electrically fully isolated active optical magnetic or electric field sensors operating in the 10 MHz to 6 GHz frequency range. Our TDS technology facilitates measurements in both frequency, and time domains, while maintaining complete amplitude and phase information of the measured signal with unparalleled sensitivity and spatial resolution. A TDS system consists of a TDS electric or magnetic field probe with a remote unit to provide the power-over-fiber source for the sensors in the forward link and convert the RF-over-fiber reverse link for direct connectivity to standard RF measurement equipment. All TDS systems are calibrated in SPEAG’s ISO17025-certified calibration laboratory.

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TDS Standalone is composed of one or more TDS Standalone probes for electric or magnetic near-field sniffing and a TDS Remote Unit.


The TDS Standalone system is optimized for near-field  EMC/EMI/ESD sniffing using SPEAG's novel time-domain sensor technology, including:

  • Measurements in EM-hostile environments, such as MRI or EMP
  • EMC/EMI/ESD near-field quantitative measurements
  • EMC/EMI/ESD pre-compliance tests
  • Measurement of the full complex-valued vector field in the very close near-field of radiators
  • In situ base station compliance measurements
Basic Configuration

The basic configuration of a TDS SNI system is composed of:

  • a TDS Standalone Remote Unit
  • a TDS Standalone H1TDS magnetic or E1TDS electric field probe
  • 3.5 mm RF coaxial cable (length 0.6 m)
  • ClickCleaner (optical connector cleaner)
  • USB cable
  • USB power supply
  • TDS Professional Handbook
TDS Remote Unit

TDS Remote Unit specifications:

  • input: TDS MU8 optical interconnect
  • output: 3.5mm RF connector
  • frequency range: 100kHz (10Hz) to 10 GHz
  • dynamic range: > 130 dB
  • P1dB: > 0dBm
  • return loss: > 10 dB
  • power and control: USB
TDS Standalone Probes

Specifications of H1TDS Standalone magnetic field probes:

  • frequency range: 10 MHz to 6 GHz
  • dynamic range: 1 μA/m - ≥1 A/m (at 2 GHz)
  • E-field suppression: >20dB (at 2 GHz)
  • sensor size: 2 × 2 mm2
  • tip size:  4 × 4 mm2

Specifications of E1TDS Standalone electric field probes:

  • frequency range: 10 MHz to 6 GHz
  • dynamic range: 0.3 mV/m - ≥150 V/m 
  • sensor size: 2.8 mm
  • tip size:  4 × 4 mm2
Software TDS Standalone comes with a remote control capability via SCPI commands over the USB link for measurement and test automation.
Calibration Calibration is performed in SPEAG's ISO17025-certified calibration laboratory.

see ICEy verification sources

Standard Compatibility

TDS SNI can be used for tests in compliance with:

  •  IEC TS 61967-3
Unique Features

Frequency range

Active optical technology

Miniature near-field probes



wide frequency range 10 MHz - 6 GHz

non-disturbing EM measurements with unparalleled sensitivity

separation of magnetic and electric field coupled with a high spatial resolution

flat wideband  RF signal transmission

only EMC probe with a traceable calibration on the market


Wide-band sensors

Miniature EM near-field sensors

Fully isolated using optical technology

Traceable calibration

ability to measure all mobile communications bands with one probe

unique probe design enables accurate measurement resolution of both magnetic and electric fields in the reactive near-field

no disturbance of the measurement from the probe on the device under test.

delivering calibrated datasheet-ready results

Compatibility DASY8 Module R&D, ICEy (with ICEy TDS connector adapter)
Product History see Product Lifetime

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