ELI Phantom

The ELI phantom is used for compliance testing of handheld and body-mounted wireless devices in the frequency range of 4 MHz to 10 GHz. ELI is fully compatible with the IEC/IEEE 62209-1528 standard and all known tissue simulating liquids. ELI has been optimized regarding its performance and can be integrated into our standard phantom tables. A cover prevents evaporation of the liquid. Reference markings on the phantom allow installation of the complete setup, including all predefined phantom positions and measurement grids, by teaching three points. The phantom is compatible with all of SPEAG's dosimetric probes and dipoles.

ELI V5.0 and higher has the same shell geometry and is manufactured from the same material as ELI V4.0 but has a reinforced top structure. ELI V6.0, released in August 2014, has the same shell geometry as ELI V4.0 but offers increased longterm stability.

The latest ELI V8.0 phantom shell has optimized pretension in the bottom surface during production, such that the phantom is more robust and with reduced sagging.

Material Vinyl ester, fiberglass reinforced (VE-GF)
Liquid Compatibility The phantom shell is compatible with SPEAG's tissue simulating liquids (sugar and oil based). Use of other liquids may render the phantom warranty void (see note or consult SPEAG support).
Shell Thickness 2.0 ± 0.2 mm (bottom plate)
Dimensions Major axis: 600 mm
Minor axis: 400 mm
Filling Volume approx. 30 liters

DASY6/8: standard-size platform slot

DASY52 stand-alone: SPEAG standard phantom table

Accessories Mounting Device and Adaptors