SAM Chin20 Right/Left

SAM Chin20 Right/Left Phantoms

The latest revisions of the specific absorption rate (SAR) standards (e.g. IEEE 1528) propose the usage of a tilted phantom when the antenna is mounted at the bottom of the phone or in all cases where the peak absorption is in the chin region. Both SAM heads of the SAM-Chin20 Right/Left are rotated 20 degrees around the NF line. Each head can be removed individually from the table for emptying and cleaning.

Photosensitive acrylate-based resin

Liquid Compatibility

The phantom shell is compatible with SPEAG's tissue simulating liquids both sugar and oil based. Other liquids may be used however liquids that are corrosive, including liquids containing DGBE, must not be used as they will cause damage to the phantom and render the warranty void (see note or consult SPEAG support).

Shell Thickness 2 ± 0.2 mm (6 mm at ear point)

Head shape

Standard compatible SAM head
Filling Volume Approx. 4 liters (per head)
Support DASY6/8: half-size phantom slot
Accessories Mounting Device and Adaptors