CAMO - Overhead Camera Module


CAMO (CAmera MOdule) is an overhead camera for each cSAR3D phantom. The cSAR3D software controls the CAMO to take a photograph of the device under test during measurement, and it overlays the device image on the SAR distribution. This allows you to see where the SAR peak is located on the device. 

Each CAMO is used for gesture recognition. Hand gestures can be assigned to certain functions (start, stop, remeasure). This enables faster transitions between measurements without having to reach for the mouse or keyboard.

Each CAMO has integrated power supplies for the camera and cSAR3D units. It also has an integrated USB hub for connection of multiple cSAR3D units to the computer.


Overlay the camera image of the device under test on the SAR distribution.

Use gesture recognition to tell the software to start or stop measuring, or to take other actions.

Image Resolution

1600 x 1200 pixels maximum

Resolution is adjustable by cSAR3D software.

USB Hub Configurations

USB Hubs are integrated into each CAMO. There are two configurations:

CAMO-M: Built-in USB hub with eight input ports (type A) and two output USB ports (type B). One Master is delivered with each cSAR3D configuration. 

CAMO-S: Built-in USB hub with two input ports (type A) and two output USB ports (type B). Secondary configuration for cSAR3D with multiple phantoms.

Power Supply

Input: 120 - 230 VAC

Integrated 5 V and 12 V DC power supplies for the camera and cSAR3D units

Size (L x W x H)

500 mm x 360 mm x 920 mm (for Flat and Head, including base)

300 mm x 1020 mm x 850 mm (for Quad, including mounting, not including Quad height)