VAH - Source Holder for Head

VAH - System Check & Validation Source Holder for cSAR3D Head


cSAR3D head antenna holder

The verification source holder is used for hands-free positioning of the system check sources and the all the validation sources on the cSAR3D Head phantoms.  

It is an articulated holder with three joints. It allows easy positioning of antennas at a range of locations on the left or right head phantoms. The antenna can be moved in place with one hand while the locking mechanism is tightened with the other to hold it in place. Then the measurement is done hands-free. 

The antennas conform to the system check and validation requirements of SAR measurment standards (IEEE 1528, IEC 62209-1, IEC 62209-2, IEC 62209-3 draft) and national regulations.