TRAINING and VIDEO - Learn What Is at the Heart of a cSAR3D

cSAR3D training is offered either on site, at SPEAG facilities or remotely via any of the conference tools and covers a wide range of topics including:
  • cSAR3D software interface features
  • using the Python interface for measurement automation
  • compliance with international standards
cSAR3D Videos and Tutorials For more information, please contact us at
DASY83D – cSAR3D-A Redesigned
DASY83D is the solution for automated user-defined, high-precision and high-throughput measurements and feature evaluations such as time-averaged specific absorption rate (SAR), proximity and motion sensors. DASY83D integrates the DASY8 Modules with cSAR3D, providing a combined system that seamlessly transitions from automated SAR pre-screening with cSAR3D to full evaluation using the gold standard DASY8. This movie demonstrates the first version of the software that is based on the new DASY8 Module c3D V1.0 and interacts with cSAR3D via its advanced application programming interfaces.

cSAR3D V5.0: Real-Time SAR and Two Novel Features for TAS Surveillance

With release of Version 5.0, cSAR3D has become a real-time specific absorption rate (SAR) test system by measuring, evaluating, and visualizing the fields in the entire phantom three times per second. In this video, the two new features for surveillance testing of the latest phones that include Time-Averaged SAR (TAS) management features is demonstrated.

cSAR3D V4.0: A Breakthrough in Array System Technology

cSAR3D V4.0 is the first vector measurement-based system to measure the specific absorption rate up to 10 GHz. It also displays the absorbed or epithelial power density. This is achieved by the novel "X10 Combiner", an advanced algorithm that reliably combines multiple randomly shifted individual measurements onto a high-resolution grid and eliminates the physical limitation of the sensor density of fixed arrays by virtually increasing the spatial sampling resolution. This video demonstrates the power of cSAR3D V4.0.

cSAR3D V3-0: More powerful and accurate than ever

This video demonstrates the powerful new features and improved user interface when setting up a project, performing measurements, and data analysis in cSAR3D V3-0. In version 3.0, the 3D field reconstruction has been improved combined with the on-the-fly uncertainty calculations. The new time-averaging feature is also introduced. Importantly, cSAR3D V3-0 is fully compatible with IEC 62209-3.

cSAR3D-A: One Click. Thousands of Measurements (User Video)

This user video demonstrates the capabilities of cSAR3D-A. Watch as the system performs SAR testing of thousands of configurations of a wireless device - hands-free!

Quick cSAR3D Measurement of Wireless Device (User Video)

The video demonstrates the new Quick Setup feature of cSAR3D V2.8 to easily perform SAR measurements upon starting the software. This video also shows the fast call setup using the base station simulator, and the time sweep feature to evaluate the stability of a mobile phone.

cSAR3D Tested for Repeatability (User Video)

This video demonstrates with a simple and effective way that SAR measurements are independent of the location and orientation of the measured/device antenna. Expect the best in accuracy and measurement repeatability from your vector measurement-based system as defined in IEC 62209-3.

Dedicated cSAR3D Calibration Lab

Our dedicated cSAR3D calibration facility is accredited to the ISO/IEC 17025 quality standard. It contains four automated robot-based calibration stations plus a DASY test system in a fully shielded, self-contained environment. The new laboratory complements SPEAG’s already well-established calibration service center for the DASY systems.

cSAR3D Training

cSAR3D is the most advanced system for conducting fast, high-precision SAR measurements of wireless devices for testing compliance with national and international safety guidelines. The system is compliant with the latest draft of IEC 62209-3 and with all fast SAR pre-screening requirements (e.g., IEC 62209-2). SPEAG is working closely with regulators to achieve early regulatory acceptance.