cSAR3D Quad

cSAR3D Quad (discontinued)


cSAR3D Quad is the largest and highest-resolution cSAR3D system available. cSAR3D Quad is capable of scanning a large planar area (562 mm × 386 mm), making it well suited for scanning laptops, tablet computers, and other large devices. It is also capable of 1 – 2 mm resolution scan resolution with novel algorithms. The sensors are conformal to the top surface and embedded in an absorbing material simulating head or body tissue.

In single scan operation, cSAR3D Quad performs a measurement in less than one second and in the same way as cSAR3D Flat operation.

In area scan operation, the sensor array is moved under the device over a large scanning area. Movement is continuous and the SAR distribution is constructed with a fine resolution. The total scanning time is 3 min.

Frequency Range

650 MHz – 6 GHz (300 – 650 MHz extended validation available)

Active Measurement Area

562 mm × 386 mm

Dynamic Range (CW)

> 100 W/kg

Measurement Time

0.3 seconds in single scan mode

< 3 min for full scan of measurement area

Tissue Simulating Material

Broadband Head Simulating Medium

Broadband Body Simulating Medium

Conformance with target dielectric parameters defined in international standards: < 10% across frequency range

Very stable over time (at least 5 years): no replacement or adjustment required

Phantom Shell

Permittivity < 5, loss tangent < 0.05 (compliant with IEC 62209 and IEEE 1528)

2.0 ± 0.2 mm thickness

Probe Isotropy

< 0.2 dB

Uncertainty (95% CI)

< 30% (k = 2); actual uncertainty competed on the fly


< 0.1 dB


250 kg

Total Size (L × W × H)

1020 mm × 820 mm × 800 mm

1020 mm × 820 mm × 1650 mm, including Quad CAMO


cSAR3D calibration is accredited by the Swiss Accreditation Service to ISO/IEC 17025 in our dedicated laboratory.

Calibration according to the novel Sensor Model Calibration Method is available

Calibration interval: 1 year recommended


cSAR3D Quad has been superseded by DASY8-3D as of May 2023. DASY8-3D has all of the capability of cSAR3D Quad plus integration with DASY8 and many other novel features.

Please see Product Lifetime page for more information.