May 28, 2024

DASY8/6 Module SAR V16.4: Enable Multi-TX Evaluations for Devices with TAS

Most modern smartphones feature dynamic power control exposure time averaging (DPC-ETA) and the ability to transmit on different frequency bands simultaneously. SPEAG has worked closely with regulators to release a measurement procedure in Module SAR V16.4 that allows such devices to be tested as part of market surveillance – without the use of manufacturer tools. Furthermore, new features have been integrated that make testing even easier.

Updated TAS (Time-Averaged SAR) Procedure for Market Surveillance

Specific absorption rate (SAR) testing for compliance with exposure limits is often performed using specialized tools provided by the device manufacturer to configure the device under test (DUT) in the desired configuration. In most cases, market surveillance is performed on samples purchased on the market without using test modes.

SPEAG released the first version of the “Time-Averaged SAR Measurements for Market Surveillance” application note in April 2022. It described how to measure SAR for devices with power-monitoring algorithms in the context of market surveillance.

In light of the recent developments in mobile phone technologies, SPEAG was asked to provide easy-to-use solutions for configurations with multiple transmitters emitting simultaneously with power monitoring enabled. The resulting procedure is available in the updated version of the application note.

At the same time, SPEAG improved the time-averaged SAR (TAS) scan display in V16.4: the instantaneous peak spatial SAR averaged over 10g of tissue (psSAR1g/10g) can now be visualized and exported.

Improved User Experience

In response to the valuable feedback from our customers, DASY8/6 Module SAR V16.4 introduces several notable enhancements, which are listed below:

  • The pEind,inst (i.e., the maximum instantaneous electric (E-)field value at the phantom surface) required for compliance testing against the ISED SPR-002 Issue 2 is now computed automatically;
  • The multimeter view has been fully redesigned and allows visualization of SAR, E-field, and measured voltage values;
  • The project files can be compressed when saved, resulting in a 4 to 20 times smaller file size. This feature also minimizes saving time, especially when storing measurements via a slow network drive;
  • The base station simulator has been made more robust, especially when connecting multiple instances in the same DASY8/6 Module SAR software session. The PowerSource1 now supports all system performance check frequencies in the 600 – 6000 MHz range;
  • The report generator tool has been further extended. It is now possible to report both user-specified and actually used grid settings;
  • The API interface has also been extended to support system performance checks and validations. A new command for exporting the measured and post-processed fields has also been added;
  • The DASY8/6 software update process has been simplified in that the Preferences and Mother Scan data are automatically copied over for Module SAR V16.2 users.

As always, you can download the latest software versions, application notes and system handbooks from our website.

We would love to hear your feedback! Don't hesitate to contact us at and send us your comments.

Kind regards,

Your DASY Team


May 24, 2024



DASY8/6 Module WPT V2.6: Testing for Compliance with Basic Restrictions at Frequencies <4 MHz

In response to feedback from ISED and the FCC as well as from our customers, we have further refined our MAGPy product line to make it compatible with global requirements for demonstrating compliance of wireless power transfer systems with the basic restrictions and reference levels.



Apr 26, 2024



Latest Regulatory and Industry Updates Presented at TCB Council Workshop in Baltimore

3-Day Program Delivered Regulatory and Industry Trends, and Latest Technical Knowledge


Mar 19, 2024



Pre-Announcement: New DASY8 Module SENS for TA-PS Performance Evaluations

Following a successful research collaboration between the IT’IS Foundation and Semtech, SPEAG is finalizing implementation for the release in June of the latest DASY product, the new DASY8 Module SENS for reliable evaluation of Time-Averaged Proximity Sensors (TA-PS).



Feb 19, 2024



Zurich43 Retreat 2024: Demarcation of Tolerance

In mid-February, the annual Z43 retreat was held at the Hotel Pilatus Kulm to discuss the timely topic of “Demarcation of Tolerance in Science, Society and the Individual” with the goal to better understand the importance and limitations of tolerance.


Feb 13, 2024



Regulator Ready: DASY8/6 Module WPT V2.4 and MAGPy V2.4

As a result of our continuous exchange of information and measurement strategies with the regulators, SPEAG has refined the software and issued seven Application Notes showing how to test according to the latest FCC, ISED and IEC regulations.



Dec 19, 2023



DASY8 Module APD V1.0 – Unlocking Absorbed Power Density for 5G NR FR2

DASY8 Module APD V1.0 is the world's first near-field absorbed power density test solution for evaluating exposure at frequencies greater than 10 GHz. It complies with current and all evolving regulations and enables thorough compliance testing of 5G and 6G devices while reducing test conservatism.


Dec 1, 2023



Microwave Factory and SPEAG Sign Distributor Agreement

We are pleased to announce that Microwave Factory Co., Ltd. (MWF) is our new SPEAG sales agent in Japan as of December 1, 2023.


Nov 28, 2023



Celebration of 1000 DASY Robots Sold

Stäubli, SPEAG’s robot supplier, organized a generous event to celebrate the 1000th robot sold to SPEAG.


Nov 21, 2023



SEMCAD X Matterhorn V20.2.4 Maintenance Release

SPEAG announced the release of SEMCAD X Matterhorn V20.2.4, an updated version of SEMCAD X Matterhorn V20.2.3.


Nov 6, 2023



Latest Regulatory Guidance and Methods for RF Exposure Assessment

TCB Council Workshop and RF Exposure Seminar Highlights Important New Developments

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