Dec 9, 2022

DASY8-3D V1.2 Highly Flexible & Smooth

The latest release of DASY83D overcomes many of the shortcomings of the first version: it provides integration of base station simulators, optimized robot  movements, greatly enhanced flexibility in setting measurement sequence and compatibility for large devices while keeping the positioning precision of 0.1 mm.

DASY83D V1.2 has been released! Learn about the main new features in this short user video:


Control of Base Station Simulators

The latest release V1.2 includes integration of base station simulator (BSS) control within the DASY83D software. BSS produced by all major manufacturers are supported. The BSS control has also been optimized and improved for robust call setup and handover routines that allow thousands of measurements to run uninterrupted.

Support for Measurements of Tablets

A redesigned pickup station allows large devices under test such as tablets or phablets to be picked up and flipped over easily, thereby expanding the universe of devices that can be tested with the system.

Optimized Robot Movements

DASY8 robot movements have been further optimized in terms of speed and efficiency, leading to gains in measurement speed.

Enhanced User Interface

The Jupyter notebook user interface has been greatly enhanced and now features smart tables that allow quick setup of complex measurement sequences for advanced performance evaluations of devices as a function of position and position history.

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