May 5, 2011

SEMCAD X V14.6.0 Aletsch

Release of SEMCAD X V14.6.0 Aletsch

The SEMCAD X Team is pleased to announce the release of SEMCAD X V14.6.0 Aletsch, a major upgrade offering a range of powerful new Modules and features, more robust handling as well as new customization options. Particular highlights incorporate a variety of powerful extensions for MED related simulations, heavily improved modeling functionality, extended import capabilities for SPEAG's experimental scanners as well as new and improved High Performance Computing options.


A taste of some of the new features include:


  • Advanced Modeling: synchronized static/parametric generation
    of primitives, improved snapping, interactive modeling support
    for parametric objects.
  • Birdcage Toolkit: calculating tuning capacitance values for
    different MRI volume coils, and generating the corresponding parametric model.
  • Polyline based PEC/Metal Wire model.
  • Improved Poser models.
  • Updated ACIS to R21.



  • Unified Multiport simulation environment: network
    parameters, MIMO and antenna diversity, Multiband SAR
    and Field combiner results can all be evaluated from a common simulation template standard.
  • SIBC: Broadband and Harmonic support for Accelerated lossy
    metal simulation.
  • Updated Acceleware drivers including extended support for
    diverse CUDA and Fermi compatible hardware and new
    simulation-size limited (5 MCells) token license.
  • Added support for Cluster-MPI Linux configuration



  • Floating metals for ES and EQS low frequency solvers.




  • Worst Case SAR assessment and RF shimming for multi-
    transmit environments, e.g. phased array systems used for
    MRI surface coils.
  • iSAR measurement import.
  • New post processor quantities: Averaging of current density
    over a surface (ICNIRP-1998), Averaging of E-field magnitude
    within a volume (ICNIRP-2009), Averaging of the E-field along
    a line-segment (C95.1-2005).




  • Extended Python API Browser and automatic API lookup.




The full release notes can be viewed online on our website.

All customers with up-to-date yearly hotline and support contracts should have already received a new license file. If you would like to test any of the new features that are currently not in your license, please let us know and we would be happy to offer you a trial.

The relevant installers can also be downloaded and installed from:

You will find extensive documentation and new tutorial examples that highlight the new features. Should you have any further questions related to this release please don't hesitate to contact us.


Kind regards,



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