The Electromagnetics Full Wave Solver (P-EM-FDTD) enables accelerated full-wave, large-scale EM modeling (> billion voxels) based on Yee discretization on adaptive, inhomogeneous, rectilinear meshes.





  • Operating system: Microsoft Windows 7/8/8.1/10 64 bit, RedHat 6.x, or CentOS 7.x x64
  • Transient, broadband, and harmonic simulations
  • Results from time and frequency domains
  • Automatic or manual simulation termination
  • Auto-Regressive Moving-Average (ARMA): to estimate the frequency domain response based on early-time simulation results in the time domain; much shorter 
simulation times 
with high-Q structures
  • Novel, unique FDTD/GPU subgridding scheme (structure-adaptive)
  • Boundary conditions: PEC, PMC, ABC, UPML
  • Frequency-dependent dielectric and magnetic materials (Debye, Lorentz, Drude, Drude-Lorentz), metamaterials (double negative), lossy metals (SIBC)
  • Anisotropic materials support for EM FDTD CUDA accelerated solvers
  • Field excitation: voltage sources, current sources, plane wave, Huygens box (total-field/scattered-field)
  • User-defined signal source
  • Point, voltage, current, and field sensors
  • Lumped elements (R, L, C, predefined serial/parallel)
  • Efficient multithreaded coefficient calculation and simulation setup
  • On-the-fly fast Fourier transform (FFT)
  • Fully automated multi-port simulations
  • New powerful engine for parametrization/sweeps

Huygens Box

Generalized Huygens box hybridization platform for importing EM near-field patterns, calculated by different numerical methods (FDTD, FEM, MoM), into the generalized Huygens source.


  • Effectively couples different solvers without accelerating error propagation
  • Generalized total-field scattered-field (TFSF) plane wave excitation and the block iterative technique for problems of weak coupling 
  • Interfaces to other method-of-moments (MoM) and FEM simulation packages (e.g., FEKO, Wipl-D)
  • Cascaded simulation with 3D field excitation and grid refinement