SPEAG offers a comprehensive portfolio of hardware and software solutions to support the design and compliance testing of transmitters developed for emerging 5G technologies. SEMCAD X Matterhorn 5G Toolkit provides the most efficient solution for design, analysis, and optimization of 5G mm-wave antenna arrays. It empowers engineers to develop phased-array antennas in short time and to meet demanding performance requirements, including regulatory compliance.

Watch this user video which demonstrates the phased-array antenna design workflow by exploiting the striking features of the SEMCAD X 5G Toolkit.



  • Worst-case power density (highest power density reachable by an antenna array) calculations with the new SEMCAD X Optimiser to find the highest power density reachable by an antenna array whose elements can be excited with arbitrary phases
  • Compliance evaluations based on surface-averaged power density calculations
  • Template-based tools for modeling of phased-array antennas
  • Array Factor approximation
  • Easy-to-use beam steering tool
  • MaxGain algorithm to compute the best achievable performance in each spatial direction
  • Two-dimensional maps of spherical patterns such as gain or directivity to quantitatively determine regions with insufficient coverage