Training services are offered either on-site or at our SPEAG facilities in Zurich. We invite our users to join SEMCAD X Matterhorn workshops during major conferences in 2020. Specialized courses and workshops with our most experienced engineers can be arranged on customer requests.

SEMCAD X Matterhorn Videos and Tutorials

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New Solver-Enhanced Body Models in Sim4Life V7.0 for Accurate Simulations of 5G NR FR2 Devices

In this video, we show the straightforward simulation setup for mmWave devices with SPEAG’s mmWave hand phantoms, which starts with a simple drag and drop of the phantom's CAD file, followed by automatic assignment of the phantom to a new solver-enhanced material model with parameters obtained from the integrated SPEAG database.

Enhanced 5G Simulation Toolbox in Sim4Life V7.0: Simplified PD Evaluations at 6–10 GHz

ZMT and SPEAG are bringing mmWave simulations and measurements ever closer together, combining the best of both worlds. Electromagnetic (EM) data acquired in the physical world with DASY8/6 Module mmWave V3-0+ can now take an active role in the digital world of Sim4Life V7.0 too!

SEMCAD X V19.0 and DASY6/8 Module mmWave 2.2: Combined Tools for 5G Exposure Assessment 

In this video, we demonstrate the complete workflow of power density evaluation for an actual beam-steerable mmWave device at 27 GHz from the ground up. Simulation results are compared with measured data, including worst-case scenarios. 

New FEM Solvers in SEMCAD X Matterhorn V18.0

The new unstructured solvers of SEMCAD X Matterhorn V18.0 are put to the test in the context of contactless charging through wireless power transfer of an electric vehicle. The video shows how the new tools can be used to simulate realistic scenarios from scratch in a matter of hours.

Novel 5G Maximum Exposure Evaluator

This movie demonstrates how the Maximum Exposure Evaluator can be used for compliance testing of next-generation mobile phones, 5G base stations, or other mmWave applications.

5G Toolkit

This user video demonstrates the design workflow of on-device phased-array antennas by exploiting the features of the new SEMCAD X 5G Toolkit, including the unique worst-case power density evaluator.

Postprocessor & Analyzing Tool Set

The video shows the overview of postprocessing and anayzing tool set of SEMCAD X Matterhorn.

Robust & Effective Meshing

In this video, the meshing capabilities of SEMCAD X Matterhorn is demonstrated.

GUI, Modeling, and Poser Functionalities

The video demonstrates the modeling and Poser functionalities applied to positioning of a mobiel phone device in a hand of the whole body phantom.