EUmmWVx - mmW PD Probe

EUmmWVx / 5G Power Density Probe
E-Field mm-Wave Probe for General Near-Field Measurements

Two dipoles optimally arranged to obtain pseudo-vector information
Minimum three measurements/point, 120º rotated around probe axis
Sensors (0.8 mm length) printed on glass substrate protected by high density foam

Low perturbation of the measured field

Requires positioner which can do accurate probe rotation

ISO/IEC 17025 calibration service available
Frequency Range 750 MHz – 110 GHz
Dynamic Range <20 V/m – 10'000 V/m with PRE-10 (min <20 V/m – 2000 V/m)
Position Precision 

<0.2 mm (DASY6)
<0.02 mm (ICEy)

Dimensions Overall length: 320 mm (tip: 20 mm)
Tip diameter: encapsulation 8 mm (internal sensor <1mm)
Distance from probe tip to dipole centers: <2 mm
Sensor displacement to probe's calibration point: <0.3 mm
Applications E-field measurements of 5G devices and other mm-wave transmitters operating above 6 GHz in <2 mm distance from device (free-space)
Power density, H-field, and far-field analysis using total field reconstruction (DASY8/6 Module mmWave or ICEy-mmW module required)
Data Acquisition Systems DAE4
Options PRE-10: dynamic range extender
SPC: snap probe connector for probe quick connect

DASY8/6 with Module mmWave
ICEy + mmW-Module SW2.0 and higher

Additional Documentation Power Density Measurements of mmWave Devices