mmWave Phantom & DUT Holder

mmWave Phantom & mmWave DUT Holder

The mmWave phantom has been designed to support EUT during 5G testing. The mmWave phantom approximates free-space conditions, allowing to evaluate not only the antenna side of the device but also the front (screen) or any opposite-radiating side of wireless devices operating above 10 GHz without distorting the radiofrequency (RF) field. It consists of a 40 mm thick Rohacell plate used as a test bed which has a loss tangent (tan δ) ≤0.05 and a relative permittivity (ɛr) ≤1.2. The high-performance RF absorbers are placed below the foam. The mmWave phantom is designed to be placed into a standard slot of a DASY8 platform.

Two versions are available:

  • mmWave Phantom-I for usage with the MP8I platforms; it can be stacked on top of a TWIN SAM / ELI phantom
  • mmWave Phantom for usage with all platforms but MP8I


The solid low-density mmWave device under test (DUT) holder warrants no impact on the DUT radiation performance and an easy positioning of the DUT in a vertical test configuration. Three configurations are available: holder for larger devices (e.g., tablets), small devices (e.g., smart phones), and a combined phantom for both small and large devices.