Apr 13, 2017

cSAR3D is the Chosen Solution in Egypt

SPEAG successfully Installed the First Fully-Automated System for Wireless Device Testing in Egypt

SPEAG’s cSAR3D vector-array based specific absorption rate (SAR) test system, including the device positioner robot, has just been installed at the Egyptian National Telecom Regulatory Authority (NTRA) in Cairo, where it will be used as part of its regulatory approval process for wireless devices seeking acceptance on the Egyptian market. It is the first cSAR3D system commissioned that automatically places and measures wireless devices for operations at the ear and worn at the body. It is not only fully compliant with the latest draft standard IEC 62209-3 but also optimized for high throughput testing. The installed system includes cSAR3D Left and Right head phantoms and a cSAR3D Quad for mobile phones, tablets, laptops and other large wireless devices.

NTRA Group Photo, April 2017.

Mark Douglas (second from left) and the team at NTRA installed cSAR3D for wireless device testing in Egypt.

The system is connected to a Rohde & Schwarz CMW500 to provide automated call setup and handovers of 2G, 3G and 4G signals. The cSAR3D system is installed in a fully radiofrequency shielded room to ensure consistent call connection. 

To learn more about why cSAR3D is the market leader in SAR array systems and the preferred choice of regulators, test labs and wireless device manufacturers, please contact us at

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