Feb 28, 2017

cSAR3D Measurements in Great Demand

China's Top SAR Testing Lab Boosts Test Throughput

China Telecommunication Technology Labs-Terminals (CTTL-Terminals), China’s premier wireless testing authority, is now routinely applying SPEAG’s vector measurement-based array system cSAR3D for pre-compliance evaluations of wireless devices for several of China’s manufacturers.

In the last 10 years, the development, design and production of wireless devices has dramatically increased in China – resulting in a strong demand for compliance testing. Fast specific absorption rate (SAR) testing is an attractive solution due to dramatic time saving, which substantially shortens the product development cycle. By using cSAR3D, CTTL-Terminals has greatly improved its testing efficiency, providing fast pre-evaluations for customers.

cSAR3D is the first of a new generation of SAR testing systems using vector probe arrays. It has been specifically developed to meet the demanding test needs of wireless devices and complies with draft IEC 62209-3.

Director Lu, head of CTTL-Terminals’ laboratory head, said, “This service is in great demand as it provides the manufacturers with rapid feedback if a device will pass compliance testing when using the DASY system or if design changes are necessary. We have a lot of confidence in the new method - our extensive experience has shown a good agreement with DASY system."

Mr. Ma Wenhua, CTTL-Terminals’ laboratory engineer, summarised his experience as a cSAR3D user as follows: “cSAR3D is a powerful measuring tool with fast testing and high stability. Due to its easy assembling, it allows you to move or resettle the system according to different situations. The operating software has a friendly and flexible interface, easy for engineer to use. Together with camera and assistant light, the cSAR3D system provides a robust platform for measurements, and highly reproducible results can be obtained. In addition, SPEAG provides timely updates of cSAR3D according to customer’s feedback, which makes the system constantly being refined. The second generation of cSAR3D head was sent to CTTL-Terminals late last year. The updated phantom uses a movable ear which increases the accuracy on certain area, the redesigned device holder locates the cell phone more stably and precisely."

cSAR3D is fully modular and can be efficiently used for pre-compliance testing and screening according to the FCC rules. Due to the milestones achieved regarding the IEC 62209-3 standard at the IEC meeting in Florida last week, we can expect that it can be used as a FastSAR tool to reduce the number of tests to be performed with DASY6 next year. By combining cSAR3D with DASY6, SAR compliance testing can be achieved in a fraction of the time as with DASY52 alone today.

SPEAG is strongly committed to maintaining its leading expertise and excellence in SAR testing, proving the most accurate, reliable and flexible FastSAR/ full SAR systems. In November 2016, a new ISO/IEC 17025-accredited calibration centre was opened at the headquarters in Zurich.  The Ally Pally Lab is dedicated to cSAR3D service and support, and it is equipped for emerging wireless technologies. A similar cSAR3D calibration facility has been installed at CTTL-Terminals will start its operation in mid 2017.

China Telecommunication Technology Labs-Terminals, Beijing China

China Telecommunication Technology Labs-Terminals (CTTL-Terminals) has targeted its major business in the electronic information and communication industry, providing technical comprehensive support and services to governmental agencies, trade organizations, enterprises, product design and manufacture industries, as well as the general public.

CTTL-Terminals engage in research on the following fields:

  • Development of information and communication technology
  • Testing, verification, technology assessment, and performance assessment and verification of telecommunication software of domestic and overseas products
  • Standards and testing methods for information and communication products
  • Conducting technical experiments and testing for technical feasibility and standard conformance
  • Testing capabilities include electromagnetic compatibility, antenna performance, bioelectromagnetics, electric safety, information security, software verification, short range communication interface, energy conservation and environment protection
  •  Conformity assessment tests for "CE" "FCC" "CCF" "CTIA" "GCF" "PTCRB" "RoHS" "WEEE" "Eup" "REACH" and other global market entry certificates
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