Feb 23, 2015

cDASY6 - Preliminary Specification

cDASY6 - Preliminary Specifications

SPEAG is pleased to inform you that it has released the preliminary specifications of cDASY6.
cDASY6 enhances our industry-leading DASY52 dosimetric and near-field evaluation system with powerful new features resulting in a significant test time reduction for routine SAR compliance testing. Test time reduction of up to factor of 1000 per configuration is achieved by combing robot-optimized movements, intelligent scanning and smart utilization of standardized test reduction techniques. The cSAR3D-based user interface greatly simplifies and automates SAR testing, and it drastically reduces user handling to save even more time during the certification process. cDASY6 is fully compatible with the hardware of DASY52 and provides direct data interfaces to cSAR3D and DASY52 software. The launch date is July 2015.
cSAR3D is the fastest array SAR measurement system, with measurement acquisition in less than 1 second and with the most accurate vector sensor array technology available. It will be fully compatible with IEC62209-3. cSAR3D was the first fast SAR system to be accepted by the FCC for screening evaluations, and it is compatible with the fast SAR protocols of IEEE 1528 and draft IEC 62209-1. It is also an ideal system for QA evaluation and its camera feature makes it valuable for R&D testing. cDASY6 complements cSAR3D where maximum accuracy is needed and compliance with the current regulation is required.
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