Competitive Advantages


SEMCAD X Matterhorn is the most cutting-edge and effective EM simulation platform based on the FDTD and FEM methods on the market, representing the first leap into multiphysics, multiscale simulation realism in complex environments.

  • New features can be rapidly implemented with the most advanced, cutting-edge technology
  • Integrated Visualization Toolkit (VTK) provided for advanced 3D field visualization and VTK-based postprocessing pipelines
  • Automation, analysis, and customization provided via a Python scripting environment (scientific scripting language with a wide variety of available third party codes and libraries)

  • Capable of handling model and data complexity and size exceeding billions of voxels
  • Integrated, advanced, and interactive CAD modeling (no preprocessor or live-link needed)
  • The only platform that offers Poser for CTIA hand phantoms

  • Software is capable of converting triangle surface meshes into parameterized CAD models, e.g., NURBS-based, crucial for advanced modeling and optimization
  • Postprocessing integrated with modeling capabilities allows for interpolation, computation of surface integrals/flux, and interactive acquisition of crop/mask results, directly on models

  • Validation of selected solvers against measurements, according to available standards, e.g., IEEE/IEC 62704-1
  • Provides validated CAD models (measurement phantoms) compliant with standards and/or internally validated with measurements
  • Full compatibility with state-of-the-art SPEAG measurement systems

  • Multi-threaded kernels for modeling, meshing, voxeling, and postprocessing
  • Fully integrated centralized task manager manages all computationally intensive tasks on the local machine or in the cloud
  • Users develop their own tools, including GUI
  • Provides various specialized tools for antenna industry

Upgrade Option

It is now possible to upgrade to Sim4Life, the only multiphysics platform available for life sciences simulations. Please contact us directly for inquiries related to the Sim4Life upgrade.