µWAVE Solution new


SEMCAD X Matterhorn μWave Solution combines advanced 3D EM solvers based on the FDTD technique with a mode-matching (MM) solver for analysis of microwave and millimeter-wave waveguide devices. Many composite waveguide strurctures have already been succesfully analyzed with the MM technique combined with the generalized scattering matrix (GSM), the latest cutting-edge analysis tool in the microwave industry.

New state-of-the-art solvers based on the MM technique are optimized for the efficient and accurate analysis of composite waveguide device design problems.

The MM solvers have been validated by comparison with measurement data.

Extensive CAD import interfacing (.sat, .stl, .dws, .iges, .3ds, .step, ProEngineer, etc.) enables the easy processing of more complicated structures with coupling/tuning screws and any changes in geometry due to fabrication.



Application Areas

  • Passive waveguide structures composed of inline waveguide sections
  • N-furcations and cubic junctions



  • Cavity filters, power dividers, and E-plane filters
  • Different cross-sections: rectangular, circular,
    elliptical, and circular/elliptical



  • Waveguide transformers
  • Multiplexers
  • Ortho-mode transducers

Selected Features

  • New state-of-the-art solver based on the MM technique
  • Efficient and accurate analysis of composite waveguide device design problems
  • Extensive CAD import interfacing
  • Integrated, advanced, and interactive CAD modeling (no preprocessor or live-link needed)


  • Extraction of full GSM
    as a building block for each waveguide structure
  • Fully parameterized modeling
  • Python scripter for generating arbitrary objects (analytical, etc.)
  • Analysis Workbench (graphical, manipulation of outputs)


  • Automatic implementation and placement of different waveguide sources and ports
  • Visualization of EM field distribution at a specific
    waveguide region
  • Automation, analysis, and customization via a Python scripting environment (script generator)