Platform MP8I TX60L

MP8I TX2-60L Platform (Optimized Footprint)

MP8I 60

The MP8I platform offers the smallest footprint with the robot controller integrated in the platform and a stacked phantom configuration with a mmWave Phantom-I on top of a SAR phantom (e.g., ELI or SAM-Twin Phantom). The platform is compatible with the TX2-60L robot arms and consists of:

  • A stable non-metalic platform for the TX2-60L robot
  • Integrated robot controller in the back slot
  • One stacked slot with usage of SAR phantom (Twin-SAM or ELI) and mmWave-I Phantom (integrated)


It also includes one easily movable trolley (MDT8) for placement of the mounting device (MD4HHTV5) to position the device under test in standard defined configurations, and one platform (GMB8) for positioning of SAR validation dipoles and other antennas.

Material The beams consist of a composite of wood and epoxy (permittivity of 3.3 and loss tangent of <0.07)

A detailed drawing of the platform with dimensions can be downloaded here.

DASY6 System Equivalent

The MP6I TX-60L platform has the same dimensions as the MP8I TX2-60L platform