Apr 11, 2018

cDASY6 V6.6 – Ready for IoT Compliance Testing

SPEAG released cDASY6.6 which is fully compatible with IEC 62232 and the voting drafts of IEC 62209-U / IEC 62209-3 and from which DASY6 customers can benefit with immediate effect.

The new version allows specific absorption rate (SAR) compliance testing of any wireless device —from smart watches to base station antennas, and even the new wireless power transfer technologies — including future IoT devices.

Summary of the new key features:

  • accurate psSAR1g/10g measurements in any phantom (SAM-Twin, ELI, SAM-Chin20, Face-Down, Head-Stand, Wrist, Adult and Child Base Station Phantoms and custom made phantoms);
  • assessment of sSAR1g/10g distributions and total absorbed power within the entire phantom;
  • improved base station simulator integration with more robust LTE inter-band handovers and automated calls for 2x2 MIMO downlink antenna configurations;
  • determination of the compliance distance from base station antennas according to the draft IEC 62232 standard;
  • advanced export function to generate a summary table from the measured data.

Easy Determination of Safety Distance for Base Station Antennas

cDASY6.6 includes all features needed to determine the compliance testing for base station antennas according to IEC 62232. Both base station antennas BSTP-A and BSTP-C are available for DASY6. Watch this video to learn about the new features or see our application note for more detail.


Effective Measurements in any Phantom including the Latest Specific Phantoms

The most important feature of cDASY6.6 is the support of compliance testing in any standard and specific phantom as defined in the latest IEC 62209 drafts (SAM-TwinELISAM-Chin20Face-DownHead-StandWristAdult and Child Base Station Phantoms). The new “Fast Volume Scan” uses novel reconstruction algorithms to assess for the first time both the distribution of the 1g and 10g-averaged spatial specific absorption rate (SAR) values anywhere in the measured volume as well as the total absorbed power. This means that SAR results from various sources can be combined with minimal overestimation and whole-body averaged values can be determined. The Fast Volume scan can be applied in any custom-made phantom. The implementation is not only compliant with current standards but also with current voting drafts and future standards.


Advanced Fast Volume Scan

Another new feature of cDASY6.6 is the “Fast Volume Scan”. It provides important additional information and saves our customers even more time by assessing the sSAR1g/10g distributions inside the entire phantom — with a scanning time which is lower than a regular DASY5 V52 area scan! It is also fully compatible with the latest draft of the IEC 62209-U and IEC 62209-3 standards.

This feature will reduce overestimation and therefore ease demonstration of compliance when testing devices transmitting on different frequency bands simultaneously. Multi-TX evaluations, including the SAR and power density combiner feature, will be added to the upcoming version V6.8.


Example of psSAR1g distribution in FaceDown Phantom. The antenna was located in the nose area.

Easier Reporting with Advanced Table Generator

The advanced “Table Generator” is another new feature requested by many customers that exports the measurement data into multiple tables (SAR measurement, system performance checks, device under test description, etc.). The table can be fully customized to adjust to any table template used by test labs. Additional options have been implemented to further filter and sort the exported data. The Table Generator dramatically reduces the time required for the generation of SAR compliance reports.

Example of table generated with cDASY6.6

Improved Base Station Simulator Integration

In addition, the Base Station Simulator Integration has been substantially improved. The new implementation increases the robustness of the inter-band LTE handovers. Automated calls are now also available for downlink 2x2 MIMO antenna configurations.

The software installer and installation steps can be downloaded here; the application note for usage and validation of specific phantoms can be accessed here.

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