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DASY8 Module APD (10 - 45 GHz)

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DASY8 Module APD is composed of hardware and software components optimized for demonstration of compliance with absorbed power density (APD) limits from 10 to 45 GHz in full accordance with all national and international standards and regulations.



DASY8 Module APD is composed of a pseudo-vector APD probe (EUAPDVx) mounted to the precision robot TX2, which allows scanning the field inside frequency-specific APD phantoms filled with liquids that simulate reflection/transmission of the human skin. The probes are miniaturized, sensitive, highly linear, and calibrated. The relative spatial precision of positioning the probe inside the phantom is better than 0.1 mm. The scanning is optimized and adaptive to the induced field. The peak spatial APD is determined using reconstruction. The advanced software allows for the evaluation of any transmitter, including MIMO.

Applications Compliance evaluation of APD any wireless devices with safety guidelines and regulatory requirements
Basic Components
APD Components
  • EUAPDVx probe (in development)
  • APD30, APD40 phantoms incl. liquid (in development)
  • Validation sources (in development)
  • Module APD Software (in development)
Calibration DASY8 Module APD supports the novel Sensor Model Calibration (SMC) calibration and standard linearization for pulsed signals.
Unique Features/Benifits  




Reliable and Repeatable

The only solution that considers backscattering, standing waves between transmitter and body, and absorption of reactive near-field components

The method is optimized to assess devices featuring transmitters with massive multiple input multiple (MaMIMO) elements

As the method directly measures the absorbed power density it is also more reliable and provides better repeatability than any other method.

Product History

The components of the Module APD are currently developed in joint research projects of SPEAG with ETH Zurich, IT'IS Foundation, and others.

Release Date

Release 4Q23