EUAPDV2 - Dosimetric mmW APD Probe

Dosimetric mmW APD Probe

Two dipoles optimally arranged to obtain pseudo-vector information by three measurements per point (0, 120º, 240º probe axis rotation)

Sensors (1 mm length) printed on a glass substrate protected by a Quartz tip.

Low perturbation of the measured field - matched to APD skin-simulating-liquid.

Manufacturer Calibration (ISO17025 accredited calibration available soon)
Frequency 10 GHz – 45 GHz
Linearity: ±0.2 dB (30 MHz – 10 GHz)
Directivity (typical) ±0.6 dB in TSL (rotation around probe axis)
Dynamic Range <8 V/m – >2000 V/m (in SSL)
Noise: typically <5 V/m
Dimensions Overall length: 337 mm (tip: 10mm)
Tip diameter: 1.6 mm (body: 12 mm)
Typical distance from probe tip to dipole centers: 0.8 mm
Applications High-precision dosimetric APD measurements in combination with SPEAG APD phantoms and skin-simulating liquids for millimeter-wave devices in the frequency range from 10 GHz to 45 GHz.
Data Acquisition Systems DAE4
Compatibility  DASY8