Jan 10, 2017

New Free-Space Probes for Precise Near-Field Characterization from 4 – 30 MHz

To help customers meet the growing demand for near-field characterization of Wireless Power Transfer Systems (WPT), we are pleased to announce the release of our new free-space probes HL3DV2 and EL3DV2. Both are DASY and EASY compatible and optimized for isotropic response. While having an out diameter of 12 mm, they provide sufficient sensitivity to demonstrate compliance with any safety guidelines in the closest vicinity of sources operating at frequencies as low as 4 MHz.

We are also in the process of extending our ISO 17025 calibration service for the frequency range down to 4 MHz, which complements our extended dosimetric range of the EX3DV4 probes.

This summer, we will release new time-domain tools for testing compliance of induced fields from 10 kHz – 10 MHz - these are essential for compliance evaluation of the powerful WPT systems of the automotive industry, and reduce the overestimation present in hitherto available instruments.  

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