Calibration Services



SCS 0108 calibration laboratory provides ISO/IEC 17025 calibration of the following items:

Dosimetric E-Field Probes
Free-Space E-Field Probes
Free-Space H-Field Probes
Temperature SAR Probes
Calibration of Thermometers
H-Field Probes in Audio Range (T-coil)
Magnetic Field Simulator (TMFS)
Dielectric Parameter Probe
Calibration of TDS Probes
Calibration of RFoF Systems
System Validation Sources
Free-Space Validation Dipoles
Readout Unit (DAE)
cSAR3D (Head & Flat)
Calibration of Dielectric Materials
Calibration of Power Source (PS1)


Calibration Slot Booking

Due to the capacity of our calibration lab facility, calibrations are conducted within a calibration slot. As the number of items that can be calibrated within one slot is limited, it is necessary to arrange the calibration date in advance with Schmid & Partner Engineering AG (please send your request to