Mar 16, 2015

cSAR3D V2.0 Release

cSAR3D V2.0 Release

SPEAG is excited to announce the release of cSAR3D software version 2.0. This release fully integrates all cSAR3D phantoms. The newest phantom, cSAR3D Quad, started shipping in November 2014. cSAR3D Quad is ideal for measurement of large devices such as laptops, as it has a measurement area of 562 mm x 386 mm. Broadband tissue simulating media for both head and body are available. cSAR3D Quad has proven to be very popular, with sales exceeding our expectations.

cSAR3D V2.0 software includes full integration of CMU200 and CMW500 base station simulators from Rohde & Schwarz. Call setup and handovers are automated for fast evaluation of all communication systems of the wireless device under test. Other base station simulators are supported through user commands in our powerful Python interface, and they will be fully integrated soon. The software also supports simultaneous transmission modes.

Coming soon are further enhancements, including integration with cDASY6.

More information about cSAR3D can be found on our product page.

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