Nov 2, 2016

User Video Shows Unrivaled Repeatability of cSAR3D Fast SAR Test System

The key to Fast SAR testing is high repeatability.

A recent user video demonstrates a simple and effective way to evaluate the performance of vector-array or vector measurement-based SAR systems at different locations and orientations of the RF source. The results confirm SPEAG's high quality engineering and advanced field reconstruction techniques of cSAR3D, ensuring that the accuracy is independent of the location and polarization of the antenna inside the wireless device.

The tests are performed with POWERSOURCE1, an independent RF source that combines a highly stablized RF signal generator, bi-directional coupler and a micro-controller. The power source was developed to replace the power rack otherwise needed for performing the system check as required by the IEC 62209 standards. It has all the preset system-check frequencies that can be easily selected, including the calibrated forward power levels by the two buttons on the side of the device. It is small (93 mm × 46.5 mm × 19 mm) and lightweight (110 g) and can be directly connected via its SMA connector to any SAR system validation source.

For more details about the POWERSOURCE1 see the corresponding webpages of cSAR3D and DASY6.


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